Oval, Ellipsoid Calculation…

Oval, Ellipsoid Calculation… It is very considerable that we can see existence of any being. And we know that it has initial state. Its initial state, initial state of all these structures was known to the first human on Earth. As the structure of this World is Oval type, Ellipsoid type and all beginnings are within its frameworks, its shape […]

Briefly about Author and His Books:

 Rzayev Vahid Zeynal (April 22, 1947 – September 21, 2018) was born in officer’s family in Nakhchivan city. In 1966 he finished the school No 1 in Nakchivan. From 1972 to 1992 he worked as a standardizer engineer in Nakhcivan Republic Department of  U.S.S.R. State Committee of Standards. On November 9, 1987 Rzayev Vahid Zeynal was awarded with Certificate of […]

To the Book Entitled “The Talk about Creation. Part I” by Fikrat Rzayev

PREFACE to the Book Entitled “The Talk about Creation. Part I” by Fikrat Rzayev The Sacred Book entitled “Creation” (“Yaranish”) sent to mankind on Earth from Mercy and Kindness of the Great Creator was published in Baku in May, 1999. In this book the Great Creator informed people about Himself and His Saints (Angels), the structure and motions of the […]


Vahid Rzayev, who had not told anything about the Great Creator’s Sayings to anybody during long years, disclosed it for the first time to his brother Fikrat Rzayev by Permission of the Great Creator in 1997. Just Fikrat Rzayev initiated publication of the Great Creator’s Sayings in a book form (“Creation”) in 1999, and this made the Sayings sent by […]

Zer, Azer

One of the important and irrefutable dates of the Earth is the worldwide Deluge which was informed about in Divine books, and had happened at Prophet Noah’s period. As this analogous event did not happen frequently, successively, the people on the Earth had been informed about that Deluge in Divine books. In that information it was declared that Prophet Noah […]

Why do Human and all Living Creatures “be Hungry” – what is the reason?…

Human, all Living creatures be hungry at some phase of day! If to think very deeply, seeking for reason of “Being hungry” we are facing strange facts! We Azerbaijanians, Azeris using the word “Acmaq” (Azeri word – “being hungry”), express the anatomic-physiological state happening Inside Body just like itself, we call the process occurring Inside Stomach by its own name […]


 Theory of Buta-Eccentric was brought on the Earth by Azeris from Azerbaijan, and in further periods “Inertia” and “Centrifugal force” were brought in the world of science, in the sphere of physics! To be more exact, as Azeris in Azerbaijan (in Ur territory) precisely new the Mechanics of Structure of the Universe, Astronomy science, they could bring initial Oval (ellipsoid) […]

“The Travel Book” by Johann Schiltberger as the source on history and geography of the Nakhchivan region of Azerbaijan

One of the sources giving interesting information on historical geography of the Nakhchivan region in the Middle Ages is “Reisebuch” or “The Travel Book” by German military man and traveler Johann Schiltberger, devoted to his travel through Europe, Asia and Africa from 1394 to 1427. J.Schiltberger, who visited many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa – Hungary, Bulgaria, Wallachia, Moldavia, […]

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