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 Theory of Buta-Eccentric was brought on the Earth by Azeris from Azerbaijan, and in further periods “Inertia” and “Centrifugal force” were brought in the world of science, in the sphere of physics!

To be more exact, as Azeris in Azerbaijan (in Ur territory) precisely new the Mechanics of Structure of the Universe, Astronomy science, they could bring initial Oval (ellipsoid) Theory, and subsequently Buta-Eccentric Theory, and they could bring from them to the sphere of physics centrifugal force, inertia, physical bases and etc. scientific theories!

What was the reason of possession of such sciences by Azeris?

Who was the earliest teacher who gave to Azeris interest for sciences and the studies from Azerbaijan territory?

The main reason of acquisition of knowledge by Azeris was their interest to look, to divide into distances, to search, to know (but not “I already know”)!

(Azeris in Azerbaijan territory never say “I know”, they say “I want to know!).


Vahid Rzaev.

Translated by Kamala Amiraslanova

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