Facile Synthesis of Amino Alcohols

  Facile Synthesis of Amino Alcohols A.H. Talıbov1,3, Y.A. Abdullayev1,3*, C. S. Salmanov1,  R. Q. Hasanli2, I.A. Valiyev2 Qafqaz University, Chemical Engineering Department, Baku, Azerbaijan / http://che.qu.edu.az, * Email: yabdullayev@qu.edu.az Qafqaz University, Chemistry Education Department, Baku, Azerbaijan / http://ched.qu.edu.az/ AMEA, Institute of Petrochemical Processes, Baku, Azerbaijan Keywords: amino alcohols, amine, thiethylamine,  epychlorohydrine, chloride scavenger, Symmetrical amino alcohols are starting materials […]

Regioselective opening of epoxide ring with primary amines in H2O medium

Vaqif. M. Abbasovb , Avtandil H. Talybova,b, Yusif A. Abdullayeva,b,Cavanshir.S.Salmanova, Aytan.S.Yunusovaa,b, Isa A.Valiyeva,b aDepartment of Chemical Engineering, Qafqaz University, Baku, Azerbaijan. bMamedaliev Institute of Petrochemical Processes, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan. Abstract: Aminoalcohols  have been synthesised based on the primary amines and epichlorohydrin. As a result of polar solvent (water) in the mild condition, regioselective opening of […]