To the historical genesis of the tengric world view in Nakhchivan

nnotation. The article informs that the cave “Askhabi-kakhf”, which occupies a peculiar place in the belief system of the Nakhichevan population, is a sacred place. The author, casting a retrospective look at the period before the emergence of world religions, characterizes “Askhabi- Kakhf” as a center of sun worship of the ancient Turks and gives a list of sacred cults […]

Elman Jafarov 70

JAFAROV Elman Maharram oglu was born on July 5, 1951 in the city of Nakhchivan.  The sculptor is an artist.  Honored Artist of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (1989).  Studied at the Azerbaijan State Art School named after Azim Azimzade (1968-1972) and at the Faculty of Arts of the Azerbaijan State University of Arts (1975-1980).  He was a member of the […]

Portrait works of Nakhchivan painters(1950-1990)

It is told in the paper about art features of portrait as one of the main genres of painting and graphic arts, about historical roots of portrait works in the Azerbaijan culture and about works of the Nakhchivan’s painters of 1950-1990th created in this genre. The extensive information about works of painters, whose activities falls on these years – Huseyn […]

Nakchivanian painters` activities in the first half of the XX century

The article has been devoted to the Nakhchivanian painters Bahruz Kangarly`s, Huseyn Aliyev`s, Shamil Gaziyev`s, Mammad Gasimov`s activities who lived in Nakhchivan in the first half of the XX century. The same the aut-hor dealt with the Nakhchivanian paintersAyyub Huseynov`s, Ayyub Fatali-yev`s, Jamil Mufitzada`s, Ibrahim Safi`s and Akbar Kazimbayov`s activities who was born and grown up in Azerbaijan but busy […]