Portrait works of Nakhchivan painters(1950-1990)

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It is told in the paper about art features of portrait as one of the main genres of painting and graphic arts, about historical roots of portrait works in the Azerbaijan culture and about works of the Nakhchivan’s painters of 1950-1990th created in this genre. The extensive information about works of painters, whose activities falls on these years – Huseyn Aliyev, Elmira Shahtakhtinskaya, Ibrahim Shafi, Akper Kyazimbekov, Eyub Huseynov, Jamil Mufidzadeh, Sha-mil Kaziyev, Mammad Gasimov, Yuran Mammadov, Hamid Gasimov, Yavuz Karimov, Mammadali Ismayilov, Nurhuseyn Makhmudov, Eyub Safarov, Sabir Gadimov, Mir Jalil Sayidov, Talman Abdinov etc. is given.

Key words: Nakhchivan, painter, fine arts, portrait, genre, work. NEWS OF NAKHCHIVAN SECTION OF AZERBAIJAN NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES;The series of social and humanities sciences, 2013, № 1

 Nizami Aliyev

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