Vahid Rzayev, who had not told anything about the Great Creator’s Sayings to anybody during long years, disclosed it for the first time to his brother Fikrat Rzayev by Permission of the Great Creator in 1997. Just Fikrat Rzayev initiated publication of the Great Creator’s Sayings in a book form (“Creation”) in 1999, and this made the Sayings sent by […]

Creation – Salvation

History – is the mirror of the past and the support and direction point of the future. We, most likelywould not be mistaken havig expressed it like this. As human consciousness develops, his interest in history, his desire of learning his past grows even more. Certainly, it is not without reason that, after all, human have always been interested in […]

Complex Simplicity and Simple Complexity

We all spend energy getting and handing over information. It is impossible to use Internet, if there is not electricity; to get information by mobile phone, if it has not been charged; to speak on stationary phone, if there is not electricity in phone station; to pass long distance for getting information, if benzene is over – all these are […]

Mental Power

All life of modern people, by principle, consists of just five groups of the processes that they produce – nourishing, heating, lighting, moving and transportation, as well as making contact. Though, at present the sun energy is used completely to meet these requirements time, therefore, the energy directed on those purposes can be divided into two big parts: – the […]