About us

“AqRa” Public Association on Support for Advancement of Sciense (“AqRa” PASAS) was established with the purpose of profound and overall study of comprehensive, complex history, ethnography, culture and science of Azerbaijan, to inform ourselves and to hand down all these information to the world.

Our chief aim and idea is “To know ourselves, to realize our national personality, not to forget our values”. So that to implement it and with the view of realization of the idea of our Nation-wide Leader Heydar Aliyev “Azerbaijan will rise as the sun over the world!” we intend to base on the motto “The science is in science. Researh, investigation is in science. Conclusions are in science. The Mankind is surrounded by science, and is in science” that is considered as priority by “AqRa” PASAS.

For this purpose contributions of Azerbaijan in world science and economy in the ancient times, in the immediate past, as well as today must take their place, and the persons who realize it must be popularized.

There are planned execution of works in the direction of protection of Azerbaijani language, development of linguistics, its clearance from foreign words, profound study of our folklore, continuation of our traditions, popularization and agitation of our cookings, bringing them to notice of the people of all age categories, from children to higher school students.

We are thinking of advancing scientific dissertations about nature, geography, flora and fauna of Azerbaijan, about our national holidays, national games, important dates, folklore, traditions and their essence.

We will try to assist in acquainting of young innate talents of Azerbaijan in the sphere of sciense, culture, architecture, sports and etc.; to support the persons who made new inventions in science, and brought important novelties for mankind (including deceased persons); to endeavour for agitation of their achievements and to cover, throw light upon other issues of this kind.

We are planning to collect and publish information about important persons who especially distinguish in all above mentioned spheres, who have innate talent, give unexampled contributions in our national values, statehood, who endeavour in direction of estimation of works of important people in sphere of science, culture, public health, sports and etc., and those who have special merits in this sphere; to establish for them different grade letters of commendation, diplomas, and material premiums in exceptional cases, and to confer the most distinguished persons among them (including deceased persons) the status of the Honorary Member of “AqRa” PASAS.


“AqRa” Public Association on Support for Advancement of Sciense (AqRa PASAS) 


VAHİD RZAYEV was the AUTHOR OF IDEA of creation and naming of the society in 2012!!..


Chairman of the Administrative Board:            Miralakbar Seyidov

Members of the Administrative Board:            

Asif Kangarli – Vice-chairman

Turgutbay Rza-zadeh – Vice-chairman

Sultan Aliyev

Hassan İsmayil-zadeh


Honorary members of “AqRA” PASAS:

Vahid Rzayev (1947 – 2018);

Fikrat Rzayev (1936 – 2013);

Ajdar Farzali (1937 – 2011);

Elman Aliyev (1959 – 2011)

Maharram Zaman (1959-2011)


The texts were republished in English by “AqRa” PASAS by financial support of the Council of State Support to Non-State Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Translated by Kamala Ahad Amiraslanova