Archaeology of Nachchivvan in the light new discoveries

INTRODUCTION The Autonomous Republic of Nakhchevan, a province of Azerbaijan with a specific political status, is located in the middle Araxes basin along a major East-West axis, formerly known as the northern “Silk Road”. Of particular im-portance during the Middle Ages, this road used to link India to Europe, via Tabriz, Erzurum and then Constantinople through the great Anatolian highway. […]

Nakhchivan: The world’s most sustainable ’nation’ ?

Insular and isolated, the autonomous republic of Nakhchivan is emerging as one of the world’s most sustainable places. By David McArdle 22 July 2020 Chances are you’ve never heard of Nakhchivan. Jammed between Armenia, Iran and Turkey on the Transcaucasian plateau, this autonomous republic of Azerbaijan is one of the most isolated outposts of the former Soviet Union and a […]


Gamigaya (rock-ship) monuments are ancient cultural and art treasures of Azerbaijan       Petroglyphs in different areas of the world are of rare monuments which have great importance as historical sources and always attract investigators of archeology, art studies, etnography, linguistics, folklore studies, zoology and other branches of science. Such monuments, considered to be the mysterious stone chronicles of our modern […]

Gamigaya-Gobustan Alphabet

Gamigaya-Gobustan Alphabet The researches that I carried out during recent years convinced me of that Azerbaijan is homeland of the most ancient and the most perfect alphabet in the world, and Azerbaijani-Turkish nation is the creator of this alphabet. It is talked about Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet. I revealed this alphabet studying Gamigaya and Gobustan monuments, familiarizing with the works dealing with […]

“NUH’s Arc and the Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet” “Summary”

A few days ago was republished the book of the famous Azerbaijani scientist Azhdar Farzali (1937-2011) “NUH’s Arc and the Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet”. We will note that, the author for the first time discovered the Alphabet of ancient Azerbaijan on Nakhchivan’s rocks, in Gobustan near Baku, other archaeological monuments, and on carpets of Azerbaijan. The image of NUH’s Arc in Gamigaya […]