“NUH’s Arc and the Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet” “Summary”

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A few days ago was republished the book of the famous Azerbaijani scientist Azhdar Farzali (1937-2011) “NUH’s Arc and the Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet”.

We will note that, the author for the first time discovered the Alphabet of ancient Azerbaijan on Nakhchivan’s rocks, in Gobustan near Baku, other archaeological monuments, and on carpets of Azerbaijan.
The image of NUH’s Arc in Gamigaya and in Gobustan, is also discovered for the first time in the history by the author.
This book appeared to the public with financial support of the Council of State Support to NGO-s under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
We offer to attention of readers “Summary” of the book.

Following researches carried out over the last years author has come to the conclusion that Azerbaijan is the Land of the oldest and the most perfect alphabet of which Azerbaijani Turkish nation is the founder. This alphabetic figures has been engraved on rocks and stones in the territory of Azerbaijan in ancient times.
The rocks of Gamigaya in Nakhchivan and Gobustan nearby Baku are full of old figures and pictures.
Despite expanded archaelogical researches in Soviet times streching through 1920-90s, these inscriptions left unattended. Gobustan monuments were first heard about in 1924; in 1938 Isag Jafarzadeh archeologist- scholar found them out, and in 1947 he has launched researches. Later other scholars continued explorations. In albums- books about Gobustan published in 1973-74 and later, at the same time in Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopedia (Volume I, 1976) was mentioned that Gobustan rock descriptions are the «handwork of primitive men, hunters and shepherds».
But the descriptions themselves prove that they are undeniable traces of highly developed culture. They are not meaningless scrawls of shepherds, but unique art pearls drawn by talented painters and connoisseurs. These drawings were carved and engraved by figurative, geometrical accuracy on the rocks. All of these figures are accompanied by words and reflect the belief to God-creation, relationships between Earth-heaven and cosmic thought.
Vali Aliev, the associate member ofAzerbaijan NSAbegan to investigate the Gamigaya monuments in 1968. V.Aliev published a few books about that issue and wrote that there are old inscriptions in Gamigaya and to reveal the meaning of these inscriptions falls upon linguistic experts.
PhD of philological sciences Abulfaz Huseyni found alphabetic figures among pictures and made attempts to understand some of them. He has made a serious claim stating Noah historical figure who lived in Azerbaijan. During soviet times such a statement was an obvious rebellion against anti-discrimination policy of Communist party. This cost him a life: because of his speeches and writings of patriotic nature, reknown writer and determined explorer died in difficulties repressed by the minions of Soviet Empire.
The author of this book began to conduct investigations, observations in Gobustan, Nakhchivan, Kalbajar, Ganja, Mingachevir, Shamakhi and in other regions of Azerbaijan from 1970s and fist time he knew about old inscription cultures and old Azerbaijan Alphabet of Azerbaijan in that regions. He found old alphabet amongst pictographs-pictorial words carved on rocks and stones.
This period the author determined and, prepared the scientific principles to read old inscriptions, pictures and pictographs and found out dynamics of fırst phonetcs figures ton which stands the modern inscription system. In these researches fırst time the newest scientifıc results have been surfaced.
Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet was developed in ancient times -till B.C.VIIl centııry in the territory of Azerbaijan on the base of Azerbaijan, pra Azerbaijan – praturkic language;
Other tribes lived in the territory of present-day Azerbaijan before our century played a role in the development of this alphabet as well.
Gamigaya-Gobustan was multi-formal alphabet. Modem world alphabets: Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Indian alphabet systems, Chinese-Japan hieroglyphs and writings under different systems later were derived from the Gamigaya-Gobustan multi-formalism and were adopted.
Gamigaya-Gobustan has the same system with Orkhon-Yenisey.
Orkhon-Yenisey alphabet was created by the representatives of praturkish nation who moved from Azerbaijan thousands of years ago.
Gamigaya-Gobustan and Orkhon-Yenisey consisted of 32 alphabets: 9 vowels and 23 consonants; both of them were written from right to left on the base of belief to be sent from Heaven, God; Later Gamigaya-Gobustan were written from left to right from Earth to Heaven-God;
Gamigaya-Gobustan is capable of delivering knowledge about norms and phonetic-lexcial structure in Azerbaijani language prior to arabic alphabet;
Gamigaya-Gobustan figures were founded and systemized on the rocks and archeological exhibits extracted from the ground in the carpets of Azerbaijan in a scattered form, single letters, pictographs combined by letters as picture-words, epitaph (sepulchral stone) writings; as the author observed these writings in Gamigaya and Gobustan it was named as «Gamigaya-Gobustan Alphabet». First time he founded out, read and systematized this alphabet and tried to detemıine their phonetic-lexical features and compiled its glossary consisting of 300 words.
The texts written by this alphabet were destroyed and stolen as a result of occupations, wars, and robberies.
The main difference of Gamigaya-Gobustan figures from other alphabets is its being Creation alphabet. Gamigaya-Gobustan Alphabet is an element of entire Gamigaya-Gobuslan civilization. 32 letters in the alphabet are the reflections of the features arisen from old Turkish (pan Turkish) Creation Philosophy.
Rediscovery of Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet after 1300 years of prohibition of Arabian occupants, put an end to the “Phoenician Primacy” in development of alphabets.
As the main attributes of the independence, the alphabet founders have played a signifıcant role in the destinies of the nations.
Independent alphabet – independent language conditioned, completed and approved the independent statehood. Sometimes alphabets was the only proof of the existence of nations which did not have independent state.
But not every independent alphabet was fouııded independently. Every new alphabet was made as a new trunk of a Common alphabet Tree.
That is to say, there was founded a new alphabet from different curves, knobs, and dots, other individual features of the trunks-letters of Common Alphabet Tree.
This even arose from the demand that separate states of the sarne nation «differentiated». For example, in the VIII century nearby Altai, Turkish- Uygur state, which defeated Turkish Kyrgyz state, as an «independence attribute» founded its own Uygur alphabet and terminated acting Orkhon- Yenisey alphabet, which is older, more perfect, convenient and famous. Such cases were observed in the fortunes of other alphabets as well.
Played common Alphabet Tree role of the World in the development of Gamigaya-Gobustan Civilization and destiny of worlds of alphabets.
The author revealed Gamigaya-Gobustan after 1300 years (may be older) of prohibition, and pursuits. Many of its secrets will be studied later and through these researches the science will get richer.
Gamigaya-Gobustan is a new page in the history of the written culture.
First time the world was aware of the oldest culture by Gamigaya- Gobustan Alphabet. This is Gamigaya-Gobustan culture. The discovery of this culture was not that easy.
In archeology the «primitive people» issue has been deeply rooted and become an impassible barrier in understanding the secrets of the past. On the opposite side stands the Deity; the Deity that modern religions derived from, based on it and lastly «forgot» about it.
Deity is the oldest and the most perfect outlook that combines science and religion. All existed religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism derived advantage from Deity and kept alive Deity in their own doctrines in some levels.
Parallel columns of the life: fire and water; four elements: water, light, heaven and air; yearly revival of the life in a fırst day of the spring and at the same time the re-beginning of birth, fetus, growth and the win of Well over Harm; asleep and wake in the nature, the person’s recognition his/ her duty before God and family -all these were reflected in Gamigaya- Gobustan pictures.
Above all, in Gamigaya-Gobustan drawings the worship of the man to Utu/Sun- as a head representative of God’s power that created creatures, ask of the mothers from the daughter of the Sun (Sevit -Ishtar-Venera planet) mercy, the wish of a person to fly (cosmonaut clothing – people wore diving-dresses) in the skies, the thought over snake’s secret being «protective», Moon Mother, the come and return of the spirit from heaven in the form of the bird, mother’s case being equal to months being 28 days, the man’s being «whole fire», his/her
birth in lOth month after «9 months, 9 days, 9 hours», the discovery of integrity in decimal numerical system, belief related to Grey wolf were reflected in Gamigay-Gobustan pictures.
-Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet inscription is put that way: As a painter, God first draw the pictures of his creators, then gave them spirit-body; As drawings of God, the figures became noticeable on the face and body of the human, in other animates, trees, flowers, grasses; human began to be considered as a combination of 32 letters made by God; God in his own heaven Ship sent from Heaven to Earth 32 signs-letters, limited it to 32 letter for alphabet. God sent to Earth fırst saint Book. In Gobustan the Heaven Ship loaded with «32 letters and 2 humans: male and female: 23 consonants and 9 vowels…» probably is the first miracle of the world.
Gamigaya-Gobustan: pra Azerbaijan-pra Turkish society that lived at least 10 thousands years (in B.C VIII century) before was highly- disciplined society. To exceed the bounds were prohibited to all – from elders to older, even from embryos in mothers’ uterus to rulers. This reality founded its reflection in the rocks. «Mother and axe» monument that locates in Gobustan tells about this discipline, law and education. This monument is kept alive by the example of: «»Ana haqqı -Tanrı haqqıdır»-the word of the Mother is the word of God, all should obey that word» that are in «Dada Gorgud Kitabi» (Book of Gorgud Dad). In a whole Gamigaya- Gobustan is the main resource of mythology of «Dada Gorgud Kitabi».
Gamigaya «Nuh’s Arc» drawings group is the second miracle of the world.
The talks and legends about Nuh Prophet and his Ship who saved mankind from world the flood are going all over the world.
First infomıation about Nuh’ s Arc and about the Flood was in «Bilgamis legend», than in Bible and after in the Koran. In «Bilgamis» this savior Prophet was presented as Ugnapishtam, in Bible – Noah, in Koran – Nuh.
The author proves that «Nuh» derived from word «Gun» (sun). (As in Russian «Nuh» was changed in to «Noy»).
In Gamigaya on the Nuh’s Arc words «Gun»(sun) and «Utu» were written by the Gamigaya -Gobustan alphabet. The author open the meaning of those words: Gun-Gun- Hun- people of Nuh Prophet: praAzerbaijan- praTurkish people called this savior Prophet – Prophet of Sun.
Utu: in PraAzerbaijan-praTurkish language Sun’s- Fire God- created by God, as God is the first name. Gamigaya and picture of Gobustan’Sun is rich in combined word «Utu». Gamigaya is read on the Nuh’s Arc as combination of Sun picture and «Utu « word.
In «Bilgamis» «Utu» is also Utnapishtim – Gun-Hun-Nuh is the name of Prophet country. Utu-utular-odlar (fıres’) country: is the one of the old name of Azerbaijan, this name is used even today.
At last in Book the toponimy of the word «Nakhchevan» is also opened: Nuhchu man (I am of Nuh)- Nuhchuban – Nahchevan – Nakhchevan. That means Nuh’s People: – People saved by Nuh on his Arc, Place of Nuh.
The only history, material base, argument, proof among all discussions and writings about Nuh’ s Arc during thousands years is group of pictures about Nuh’s Arc formed in the Nakhchevan mountain in Azerbaijan thousands of years ago and discovered by the author of this book.
Hadises about going of Prophet Muhammad by «Burag» horse to ascension with God are painted on Gamigaya and Gobustan” and author of this book also discovered it and it should be considered as wonders of Azerbaijan and World.
Pictures in Gamigaya – Gobustan keep many secrets of art. These secrets have been not revealed till nowadays. The fırst secret is that Gamigaya- Gobustan painter formed 32 symbols of man, woman and attributes of Creation Idea (including various animals, birds, fish etc.) and engraved it on rocks. If modern art studies more of making polylayer pictures absolutely new period in sculpture and painting will begin.
In I millennium B. C Gamigaya-Gobustan pictures had a positive influence on development of art, science, literature in antique Greece (later in Rome). Description of Azerbaijan territory in Greece mythology (myths about crucifıxion of Prometheus on the Caucasus, Gargar heroes and Amazons) proves this fact. Coming to Azerbaijan Greeks studied atomism theory – related to 4 elements light and water, flying in airs, numeration, decimal numeration, 7 days of week, Sun and Moon calendars, symbols of figures, which are called in world Rome and Arabic fıgures, and at last ancient Azerbaijan (praAzerbaijan – praturk: Gamigaya-Gobustan) alphabet consisting of 32 letters and then presented it as their own culture.
Greeks took phonetic alphabet not from Phoenicians as it was considered till nowadays but from ancient Azerbaijan: Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet.
Phoenicians and Arabians were representatives of same Semite tribes.
If Greco-Latins took phonetic alphabet from them why did these Semites: Phoenicians, Arabians and Jews abandoned «their alphabet» and on the bases of its symbols formed new Arabian and Jewish alphabets? There is no rationale. So Phoenicians also did not have their own alphabet, they also used ancient Azerbaijan: Gamigaya-Gobustan Alphabet.
Other significant subject: antique Greek-Rome art derived on the base of Gamigaya-Gobustan art. Pictures of man and woman formed in Gamigaya and Gobustan are clearly observed in antique Greek art. And this is a new unstudied page in the world of art. As this page is studied world culture: science and art will be enriched.
Painter from Gamigaya on the Nuh’s Arc also paints Prophet Nuh’s picture. Undoubtedly he made it basing on information heard from people and on his own knowledge and idea. This that painter was closer to truth. B.C. itı remote millenniums Gamigaya painter built etemal monument for Prophet Nuh and his saving arc.
Gamigaya – Gobustan culture: alphabet and art are the incomparable gift of Azerbaijan to mankind.
«Ey kitabından iiziin giil bir vərəq» (Nasimi).
Determined by historians symbolism – literalism (hurufızm) of B.C. VIII millennium was kept in various forms, also in the form of carves on rock paintings and delftwares. Gamigaya-Gobustan culture demonstrates it clearly. Observations of these examples prove that alphabet arose as unity of symbolism and initial hurufısm (literalism), expressing idea of deity- creation.
Ingenious Naimi -Nasimi hurufısm was real revolution that revived Azerbaijan culture in XIV century. Deity in sayings of «Dede Gorgud», in various mentions in mythology and in poems of Nasimi created a right to live again.
«Dede Gorgud» kitabi, Javidan- Babek movement and hurufusm of Nairni- Nasimi were three great subsequent revolts, three revolutions. Essence of these three revolutions was a national akawing and had a goal to keep national ideology. Javidan-Babek movement was an open revolt. But «Dede Gorgud « kitabi and Naimi-Nasimi hurufısm were secret, undercover movements. All three revolts ended by tragedy and were exposed to hard examine of history. But Gamigaya-Gobustan was fırst revolution struggle, fırst revolt, and first leap and was directly addressed to the fııture. It was the most secret form of ideological struggle. Forefathers who created it were more farsighted. For struggle Dede Gorgud chose very significant way.
«Anam adı- Qaba Ağac, Əzvay Qürd əniyi erkəyində bir köküm var « spies of imperia did not understand it. (My Mother’s name Rough Tree I have a root in wild male wolf) They considered it as tail.
Nasimi also chose the way of secret struggle. He expressed his thoughts to people by poems. Initially, spies of imperia did not pay attention to it. But one day they understood the secret essence of it, they realized that Nasimi was more dangerous enemy than Babek and he was executed the same way as Babek. In spite of prohibitions the poems of Nasimi lived on peoples’ Iips forever.
We published matter of the Dede Gorgud book of Gobustan-Gamigaya culture.
The matter of this culture in Nasimi’ poems should not be set aside.
Nasimi considered a man as a result of «four elements, 12 signs of the zodiac, and 32 letters « (see Nasimi’ divan Baku 1973, page 647-649). Genius poet completed deity idea by Arabian alphabet letters. He did not berhymed the graphic beauty and esthetics of Arabian letters but berhymed sense and meaning of each letter, concentrated attention on letter code, symbols. First hemistiches of 5 poems collected in «Alif-lam and tars» part of «Nasimi’ divan» begins by names of 30 sometimes by 29 symbols of Arabian alphabet: Ali, bey, ey, sey, jim, khey, dal, zal, rey, sin, gaf, kaf, lam, min, nun, hey, yey and etc.
In period of Nasimi ancient Azerbaijan Turkish alphabet had already been forbidden for people already for 700 years. But deity – creation idea was kept by telling by word of mouth. Nasimi propagated the most ancient ideas of his people, attributes of deity by Arabian letter and figures (abgaj). Of course he knew that Arabian alphabet consists of 33 letters (See Z/ T/ Hajiyeva, ancient alphabet. B. 1989 page 60) but in his rubai (quatrain) and ghazals he used «32 letter (huruf), 32 symboles, 32 secrets, 32 sayings of truth and etc «.
«Your elements are 4, board are 6»
That means: you created in universe with 6 features and from 4 elements.
«Məğribu məşriqdən oldu seylimiz,
yeddi ulduz, on iki bürc əslimiz»
That means: We were in water, which circulate in the world from West to East. Our roots are from Moon, sun, Mercury, Sevit (Venera), Mars, Jupiter, Satum stars – Sun system and 12 signs of zodiac. (Sun passes these signs during a year).
«Mən otuz iki hürufəm ləmyəzəl».
That means: I have 32 etemal and etemal symbols (letters) of God.
«Ey üzün həqdən otuz iki nişan».
That means: Beauty, your face is beautiful because it is sum of 32 symbols painted by God.
«otuz iki nişanıdır üzün»
That means: you are the most beautiful because your face has 32 symbols of God.
«Gər səni duşunda görsəydi pəri, oda salaydı otuz iki pəri».
This means: If the daughter of Sun – nymph see you in her dream she will burn 32 spokes of wheel which move universe by fire of jealousy. «Gördü çün kim binişani dişlərin,
Otuz iki gizli kani dişlərin».
This means: Who will see that without a symbol and flawless 32 teeth of beauty keeping 32 secrets.
«Haqq təala adəm oğlu özüdür,
Otuz iki haqq kəlanı sözüdür».
That means: Being everywhere God is in the heart of man and each symbol in man, each creature is 32 secret sayings and sign of god, its collection and identity.
Nasimi declare that all words generated from 32 holy words, symbols. Great scientists of the world: Humbalt, Sossur, and A.A. Akhundov write that word is the system of language. This system differs from the created idea of ancient Turk. Gamigaya-Gobustan, Mingechevir and Baikal monuments remained till nowadays keeping in different paintings graphic forms which base on the symbol theory in linguistics.
«Qayimü daim üzündür səmrədi,
Həm kitabdır cəmalın əbcədi»
That means: Your face is beautiful harvest of symbol on white leaf, and a Book formed by collection of all letters. By this he did not mean a Holy Book, and not book in common but he means an eternal book. «Qaşu kirpik yeddi oldu saç ilə,
Həq kitabi uşbu badan açıla.»
That means: your eyelashes, eyes and hairs as a symbol of creation is a seven and book of God and truth should be opened and read now.
Here besides Koran other book sent by God in more ancient time is mentioned.
«Sürətin mushəfdir, ey cubi xuram,
Kiprigin, qaşinla zülfündür kəlam».
That means: Your appearance is a Book, your eyelashes, eyes and hairs complete this Book. Again Nasimi besides 4 holy books spoke about once originated love book.
«Əbcəd ilə miməlif badir üzün»
That means: your face is absolutely alphabet, it is again book of 32 letters. In Nasimi 32 is presented as sum of all symbols and words. Genius poet expressed additional 32 numbers in reckoning:
«Dörd gərək, dörd-dörd gərək, bir dörd gərək Yeddisi xətt istiva, üç dörd gərək».
That means: 4 elements complete in number 32: required four – number of four is required: 4×4=16
Required and required again four; Nasimi here means to consider the four which is in the beginning hemistich and «one four» in the end of hemistich as 4×4=16. That is to say the sum of 16 is 32 again.
«Yeddisi xətt istiva üç dörd gərək»
This means: when 7 lines are equalized 14 times full Moon is formed, that means again «»three times four is required», transmitted in to two 4 equalized fuil Moon and repeat fıgure 14 two times: 14+14=28; left third four is replaced by 28 and in the result again 32 is formed.
It is real mathematical problem and coınes directly from deity and the cre- ator of this diffıcult problem is Nasimi. Before him problem had not been solved by anybody. Even in nowadays without knowing bases of deity idea nobody will solve it.
«32 ləmamət illa həyat»
That means: there is no sign of life except 32
Materialists say: «If everything has its creator, other thought of them reject this thought: «Universe are etemal, nobody create it» In deity it is said: God is etemal. Nobody created God. God created all laws and everything.»
28 days of month, in «dölə çağırış» the existence of28 days is the secret and law of God. Gamigaya-Gobustan man tried to understand this law. Why just 28? Life, birth, growth related with these codes: 4,7,28, 32. Nasimi poetize these codes as cipher. In Gamigaya-Gobustan – Mingechevir and Baikal these codes were expressed in various forms.
Physicist thinks that there is no possibility to go more than number 27. But in universe dimensions are innumerable. So science is stopped before the door of number 28. Is there relation between dimension 28 and 28 days? We do not discuss it.
Yeddi yerdə otuz ikidir üzün,
İyirmi səkkiz göstərər iki gözün.
Qamətin səksən səkkiz edər bəyan,
Yetmiş iki bildirər nitqi sözün (1.593),
First hemistich in quatram: thirty-two signs- letters is hyperbole as a being in 7 planets; that is to say that you are so beautiful that your beauty is 7.
In Nasimi period rule to all Sun system. Second lıemistich: your two eyes show 28-the base and basics of the life. Probably, your eyes are the life, they give me life. Nasimi sees 2, fourteen nights Moon on the face of the beautiful woman.
«Gər dilərsən xaliqi etmək əyan,
hərfi sözsüz necə eylərsən bəyan.
Hərfdən özgə xaliqə yoxdur nişan.»
Means: God made world by sign-letters; at the end of each sign-letter stands word, it is nonsense to look for another sign in God’s creation.
Gamigaya-Gobustan culture: its alphabet and art is unexampled present of Azerbaijani nation to the Mankind.

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