A Letter to Human Whom I Miss

Hello, Human… A Human whom I miss… A Human who the mankind is waiting for with great belief. I am writing a letter to You under quiet ticking of suspended time machine upsetting dull silence of the night. I am as though confused between your being and eternity of time. What should I start this letter with. Though You have […]

Zer, Azer

One of the important and irrefutable dates of the Earth is the worldwide Deluge which was informed about in Divine books, and had happened at Prophet Noah’s period. As this analogous event did not happen frequently, successively, the people on the Earth had been informed about that Deluge in Divine books. In that information it was declared that Prophet Noah […]

Why do Human and all Living Creatures “be Hungry” – what is the reason?…

Human, all Living creatures be hungry at some phase of day! If to think very deeply, seeking for reason of “Being hungry” we are facing strange facts! We Azerbaijanians, Azeris using the word “Acmaq” (Azeri word – “being hungry”), express the anatomic-physiological state happening Inside Body just like itself, we call the process occurring Inside Stomach by its own name […]


 Theory of Buta-Eccentric was brought on the Earth by Azeris from Azerbaijan, and in further periods “Inertia” and “Centrifugal force” were brought in the world of science, in the sphere of physics! To be more exact, as Azeris in Azerbaijan (in Ur territory) precisely new the Mechanics of Structure of the Universe, Astronomy science, they could bring initial Oval (ellipsoid) […]

The Rule of Need

The Rule of Need   If to look around attentively, to look at conditions, the all conditions are in connection with each other! It is impossible to function on the earth witout Quantum physics, Quantum mechanics! Considering Quantum physics, quantum condition and Quantums conception, these are the “Rule of Need”, and Quantum is its internal state! Just like all condition […]

“Pyramid” – its Meaning and Essence…

“Pyramid” – its Meaning and Essence… Direction of Sphinx in Egypt is eastward! Sphinx has meaning of “welcoming the Light of the Rising Sun”! Its meaning, its eastward direction, its orientation towards Light, Sunrise has great value!  And the essence, meaning of the name of Sphinx is “My Father Ra”!  That is, My Father Ra is Light! But direct and […]

By Portions, by Parts

Every condition is by quanta, by parts. Human also eats by quanta, by parts. He swallows the food by quanta, by parts. But he lives his life in a single portion, single part, and it is not by quanta, by parts. Our heart beats by quanta, by parts. Body, internals, thoughts are by quanta, by parts. His breath, his speech, […]

The Second Life Starting from Aries

The Second Life Starting from Aries   What happened on the Earth on the eve of the worldwide storm? Earth core was activated to such an extent that all masses in deep layers of the earth and on the earth were in roughness. As a result of that roughness waters, water basins were waving in accordance with the core activity. […]

The Constellations are Initial Calendars

At the stages of history the Noah’s Deluge had happened. The people who escaped that historical deluge continued taking new beginner steps with great belief and faith. The people of that period kept in their memory Noah’s Deluge and their rescue from that storm, alongside with it, they saved in history that period by means of symbols on stones, rocks […]

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