A Letter to Human Whom I Miss

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Hello, Human…

A Human whom I miss…

A Human who the mankind is waiting for with great belief.

I am writing a letter to You under quiet ticking of suspended time machine upsetting dull silence of the night. I am as though confused between your being and eternity of time. What should I start this letter with.

Though You have tried to win in conflict of Good and Evil from the day of Your creation, You was subject to oppressions, You did not break…

You was skinned from your heel, but You did not give up the truth…

You was burned in fire, stoned, tested with exiles, imprisonments, was put under crawlers of tanks, faced tyrannies that alive beings’ mind cannot even cognize, but you did not loss your dignity, honor, you strode confidently towards the light within you…

It is so good that You exist, Human! Otherwise the world would be lost in darkness. Otherwise the “Treasure of Secrets” would remain absolutely empty…

The all beings would turn into slave of passion.

There would be neither the Holy books, which we could head for, nor Sacred Places, which we visit with last hope to purify ourselves from faults.

At the moment when I write this letter to You the mankind again faces the conflict of Good and Evil as always. Again terror, starvation, misery, wars, prevalence of lie over truth, tyrannies are raising revolt anywhere. In addition to creations’ wish to annihilate each other, the nature also harmonizes with these disasters by its earthquakes, wind, flooding calamities.

Maybe, it is the end of the world indeed?

Has the Day of Doom approached?

Maybe, that is why it is so hard to differentiate justice and injustice now.

Maybe , it is the last fight of “…the man who plays everybody false …” or the Devil embodying Evil against Good?

The way to success always goes through grief.

Maybe, the Evil has started its last fight because the secret of disasters created by Evil is coming to an end, it becomes helpless in front of Good?

Maybe, the day called “The Day of Doom” will be the day when Good wins Evil?

We need You very much…

You are like a polished mirror. Everybody sees himself in You. Just like a polished mirror that cannot attract an ugly person beautiful, and a beautiful person ugly, You cannot lie just for anybody’s sake.


Think of us, and come!..

Come and show us to ourselves, so that to prevent us from being glad to Evil, crying to Good by mistake. Prevent us from turning into the slave of our passion.

We all rely on You. You can either live or make to live everything. Only You can confront the riotous bloodsuckers, wild men who say “I will live, but will not allow to live”, who are divided in “us”, “you”, “mountain-livers”, “plain-livers”.

Come!.. Come and show the justice to us. Let us see the place of lie and truth?

Maybe, “the lies than cannot be cleaned by time” became so much that the Earh cannot endure this weight too.

Maybe, that is why we have turned into “adherents of our fellow villagers” giving our lands to others.

We need You very much…

We missed you yesterday, we miss you today, and we will miss you tomorrow…

Maybe, You could take us through this maze of “maybe”s, shining the spirits covered in darkness with your light settled in your essence…

Yours faithfully, those who are long to see You again

(Author of the letter Aliyev Elman Islam oglu)                  23.01.2002


Translated by Kamala Amiraslanova


A Letter to a Human Whom I Miss: video-fragment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56tDVY0uyR4&feature=emb_share&fbclid=IwAR34Syl_Pp9Kl21lpMiAHdT_bJwkwQ0UWr348J1-V4wph7xUdz3VEm45I-I



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