To the Book Entitled “The Talk about Creation. Part I” by Fikrat Rzayev

PREFACE to the Book Entitled “The Talk about Creation. Part I” by Fikrat Rzayev The Sacred Book entitled “Creation” (“Yaranish”) sent to mankind on Earth from Mercy and Kindness of the Great Creator was published in Baku in May, 1999. In this book the Great Creator informed people about Himself and His Saints (Angels), the structure and motions of the […]


PREFACE      Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic being a constituent part of the Azerbaijan Republic, lately develops so rapidly; social-economically, political and culturally. The held world scale constructions, construction and restoration works directly connect with the names of Heydar Aliyev, national leader of the Azerbaijan people, Ilham Aliyev, President of the Azerbaijan Republic who follows his political course successfully, Vasif Talibov,Chairman of […]

A book about phonetics

   The “Word. Word Construction. Mistery of Word” book by Fikrat Hasan oglu Rzayev (1936-2013) was republished by “AqRa” PCSDS by financial support of the Council of State Support to Non-State Organizations under the President of Azerbaijan Republic.     Some articles in the book were translated into three languages: English, German and Russian, and were inserted in the book.     […]

Comment to book Ramiz Daniz – Enigmatic discovery of Brazil

1) The theory of this book corresponds to a scientific and new approach to the historical period of time related to the discovery of Brazil.  This is a new theory because the Author studied important historical documents and revealed important knowledge about this period. This book / document is a significant contribution for the academic discussion and study of documents related to this historical period.  2) This book […]

Ramiz Daniz – The scientist passed ahead of centuries – Nasiraddin Tusi

Writing about the remarkable Azerbaijani scientist Nasiraddin Tusi, who has a great scientific heritage, is very responsible and honorable. Nasiraddin Tusi, who has a very significant place in the world encyclopedia together with well-known phenomenal scientists, is one of the most honorary personalities of our nation. It may be named precious stone of the Academy of Sciences in the East. […]

Ramiz Daniz – Enigmatic discovery of Brazil

Scientific research work “Enigmatic discovery of Brazil” is very significant for its essence in the field of geographical discoveries. Brazil was officially discovered on April 22, 1500 by Pedro Alvaresh Cabral by accident. At the result of my researches carried out for many years, it became clear that, the expedition sent by the king of Portugal Juan II under the […]