Ramiz Daniz – Enigmatic discovery of Brazil

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Scientific research work “Enigmatic discovery of Brazil” is very significant for its essence in the field of geographical discoveries. Brazil was officially discovered on April 22, 1500 by Pedro Alvaresh Cabral by accident. At the result of my researches carried out for many years, it became clear that, the expedition sent by the king of Portugal Juan II under the leadership of Duarte Pacheco Pereira, visited that territory 6 years before P. Cabral – in 1494. The bull of the Pope Alexander Borgia VI divided the world into two parts between Portugal and Spain in the same year and Portuguese appropriated today’s Brazil. So, Portuguese could swindle the representative of Spaniards with the help of the Pope and the result of D. Pereira’s travel had significant role in this business.

In a word, existing facts and hypothesizes prove that, all noted three scientific works may be necessary source for every specialist working in the field of history of geographical discoveries and expectation of science centers’ reaction on these discoveries is inevitable. There is no doubt that, wide range of readers need these works as well. But works have to be translated into Russian, English and other languages for this purpose. 

I’m grateful to the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic and its leaders for their material and moral supports. 

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