Archaeology of Nachchivvan in the light new discoveries

INTRODUCTION The Autonomous Republic of Nakhchevan, a province of Azerbaijan with a specific political status, is located in the middle Araxes basin along a major East-West axis, formerly known as the northern “Silk Road”. Of particular im-portance during the Middle Ages, this road used to link India to Europe, via Tabriz, Erzurum and then Constantinople through the great Anatolian highway. […]

Summary to grow plants Khayala Ramazanova

 Keywords     Organc plants,clean ecology,healthy organism Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumini has avaluable idea:-İt is said that you consider yourself a pain,but you are a medicine.You consider yoirself a lock on the door, while you open it.Let yourself look small.You call the human race a walking universe! In fact,there is great wisdom in this statment.If people understand this wisdom and folow many rules correctly,they […]

Oval, Ellipsoid Calculation…

Oval, Ellipsoid Calculation… It is very considerable that we can see existence of any being. And we know that it has initial state. Its initial state, initial state of all these structures was known to the first human on Earth. As the structure of this World is Oval type, Ellipsoid type and all beginnings are within its frameworks, its shape […]

Elman Jafarov 70

JAFAROV Elman Maharram oglu was born on July 5, 1951 in the city of Nakhchivan.  The sculptor is an artist.  Honored Artist of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (1989).  Studied at the Azerbaijan State Art School named after Azim Azimzade (1968-1972) and at the Faculty of Arts of the Azerbaijan State University of Arts (1975-1980).  He was a member of the […]

Research of Gamigaya Paintings

Gamigaya in Azerbaijan Historiography Gamigaya situated in the territory of Ordubad region of the Lesser Caucasus Range, is one of the greatest monuments of Azerbaijan. This monument is the marvel of our history. It is the museum of rock paintings under the open sky after Gobustan in Azerbaijan. More than two thousands of rock paintings have been registered here. Rock […]

Sara Ashurbayli – Baku

Baki, one of the ancient cities of Azerbaijan, was known in Near and Middle East from the Middle Ages. Its economy was formed by oil and salt production, madder and saffron cultivated in Baki and Absheron region. Their export to the far Eastern countries both by caravan ways and seaways was the important factor of development of the feudal city. […]

A Letter to Human Whom I Miss

Hello, Human… A Human whom I miss… A Human who the mankind is waiting for with great belief. I am writing a letter to You under quiet ticking of suspended time machine upsetting dull silence of the night. I am as though confused between your being and eternity of time. What should I start this letter with. Though You have […]

The Land of Inimitable Monuments

The Prophet Noah’s grave was found With the joy of this news I went to Nakhchivan in the end of December last year. Together with the organizers of the international “Gamigaya” expedition: well-known academicians, deputies, the chairman of Nakhchivan department of the Azerbaijan NAS (National Academy of Sciences) Ismail Hajiyev and the rector of the Nakhchivan State University named after […]

Meteorological and Cultural Influence of the Deluge on Nakhchivan

Since earliest times, as a result of struggle of the primitive people against natural forces, various myths and legends had appeared, and religions and in the sequel different philosophic currents had been developed. Though many legends had real roots, during centuries human imagination rendered them fantastic. Owing to these causes researches for determining, if those myths and legends created by […]

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