Regioselective opening of epoxide ring with primary amines in H2O medium

Vaqif. M. Abbasovb , Avtandil H. Talybova,b, Yusif A. Abdullayeva,b,Cavanshir.S.Salmanova, Aytan.S.Yunusovaa,b, Isa A.Valiyeva,b aDepartment of Chemical Engineering, Qafqaz University, Baku, Azerbaijan. bMamedaliev Institute of Petrochemical Processes, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan. Abstract: Aminoalcohols  have been synthesised based on the primary amines and epichlorohydrin. As a result of polar solvent (water) in the mild condition, regioselective opening of […]

As the source on history and geography of the Nakhchivan region of Azerbaijan

One of the sources with interesting information on historical geography of the Nakhchivan region in the Middle Ages is “The travel book” of the Ger-man military man and traveler Johann Shiltberger, devoted to his travel to Europe, Asia and Africa from 1394 to 1427. J.Shiltberger who has visited many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa in this book tells about […]

Professor Fuad Veliyev

AZ-1065, Baku, Azerbaijan, F.Ibrahimbeyov str. 5, apart. 53 E-mail: Education: Primary and Secondary school, 1953-1963; Azerbaijan State Petrol University, Faculty of Power Engineering, 1963-1968; Graduates with a first-class honors degree; Post-graduate Courses of the same University, Faculty of Mechanics, 1969-1973  Academic and Scientific Degrees and Diplomas: Candidate of technical Sciences (Ph.D.); Moscow, 1974 Associated Professor; Moscow, 1979 Doctor of Technical […]

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