As the source on history and geography of the Nakhchivan region of Azerbaijan

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One of the sources with interesting information on historical geography of the Nakhchivan region in the Middle Ages is “The travel book” of the Ger-man military man and traveler Johann Shiltberger, devoted to his travel to Europe, Asia and Africa from 1394 to 1427.

J.Shiltberger who has visited many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa in this book tells about the Azerbaijani cities of Tabriz, Maku, Maraga, Nakh-chivan, Alinjagala, Astara, Shirvan, (Lakhyj, Shamakhy, Shabran), Sheki and Derbent. These data are in the 33rd section under the name “The countries where silk is gathered, Persia and other kingdoms”.

In the paper it is told about the cities, fortresses and settlements of the Nakhchivan region. Also some discrepancies allowed during translation of the book are cleared up. Thorough arguments prove the fact that the cities of Nakh-son, Maragara, Gelat, Kirna, Gilan, Ress, Strauba, Aluitza are located in the ter-ritory of the Nakhchivan region.

In the paper also are clarified interesting data that Nakhchivan is the homeland of the prophet Noah.

Key words: Nakhchivan, Kirna, Gilan, Ress, Astabad, Noah, traveler, historical geo-graphy, city.

Elnur Kelbizadeh




N1, 2014, page 75 – 76

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