Summary to grow plants Khayala Ramazanova

 Keywords     Organc plants,clean ecology,healthy organism Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumini has avaluable idea:-İt is said that you consider yourself a pain,but you are a medicine.You consider yoirself a lock on the door, while you open it.Let yourself look small.You call the human race a walking universe! In fact,there is great wisdom in this statment.If people understand this wisdom and folow many rules correctly,they […]

Mass, Weight, Speeds

Mass, Weight, Speeds   At the present time the airplanes help people to move. But the airplanes do not fly just owing to their wings and trunk. The airplanes are given movement speed according to power of their engine, and the lows of aerodynamics are taken into account. When automobiles conform to the high speed they fly, i.e. leave below […]