Mass, Weight, Speeds

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Mass, Weight, Speeds


At the present time the airplanes help people to move. But the airplanes do not fly just owing to their wings and trunk. The airplanes are given movement speed according to power of their engine, and the lows of aerodynamics are taken into account.

When automobiles conform to the high speed they fly, i.e. leave below the earth surface and etc.

Does the Earth have weight? If there is mass, then there is weight too! But according to the rotation speed of the Erath around the Sun the unit weight of the Earth amounts to 16. A cosmonaut in spacecraft leaving the movement speed of the Erath planet gets to state of weightlessness. Why? Because, that spacecraft and a man in it weight 16, conforming to common speed between planets in the great universe.

As the movement speed of the planets within the universe is 16 (it is very high movement speed) the planets do not attract each other. The spacecraft and the cosmonaut do not disappear to anywhere chaotically as a result of attraction. As that spacecraft and the earth conform to the interplanetary speed the weight is not felt. Interplanetary speed is 16. The common movement speed of all planets in the universe is 32. 16, 32 are major figures in Universe account. In the nature, in vegetation, in human body 4, 16, 32 are everpresent figures.

In woman’s body 16 are active and 16 are passive. In man’s body 32 are active.

Let’s look at human’s state of death, a death moment: At that moment (death) momentary loss (decrease) of  0.16g from human body is observed. The smoke (black) sinks on the earth surface angularly with 16 km radius, spreads, and resolves.

It is known from science that when human breathes with oxygen he extracts carbon from his lungs. When giving artificial respiration to a man, if we interfere in that man who is about to die with just extracted carbon instead of oxygen, we would not help, but give him death sentence. But when human extracts oxygen that he uses for breathing from his lungs, he surely extracts 16% of oxygen not turning it into carbon. If it was not like this, there would not be any sense of helping to a man whose breath stopped with artificial respiration. But a man who wants to help with artificial respiration can save life of man whose breath stopped blowing with pressure 16% of his own oxygen into his lungs, and applying mechanical force and etc.

Let’s look at movement dynamics of the Earth around the Sun: the Earth (out of its core) unceasingly moves around the Sun along its trajectory. The rivers on the Earth flow in accordance with that movement speed. Because, they are in flow according to the movement speed of the Earth planet. If there was attraction, the rivers, the seas, the oceans would be in confusion among each other, their directions would be mixed. As there is not attraction and repulsion mechanism among masses within the universe there does not exist collection of the all planets from one area to another. There is not chaos, chaotic self-willed movements in the universe.

There is free fall. Free fall is under 16 angle in accordance with speed of the Earth planet.


Vahid  Rzayev

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