To the Book Entitled “The Talk about Creation. Part I” by Fikrat Rzayev

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to the Book Entitled “The Talk about Creation. Part I” by Fikrat Rzayev

The Sacred Book entitled “Creation” (“Yaranish”) sent to mankind on Earth from Mercy and Kindness of the Great Creator was published in Baku in May, 1999.

In this book the Great Creator informed people about Himself and His Saints (Angels), the structure and motions of the Universe, of suns and planets, as well as of the Earth. Initial and further periods of creation of the Universe and mankind, meaning and essence of coming of individuals to the world of living creatures and of their return, life standards of behavior, Sending moments of Sent persons (Prophets) to the Earth and other dwelling planets and many other issues are talked about here.

Though Vahid Rzayеv, who wrote Sayings of the Great Creator, gave explanations for some of them, to comprehend it thoroughly reader is required to have a lot of new knowledge that was not known by people by now.

My brother Vahid, who had not told anything about Sayings to anybody during long years, finally, for the first time in June of 1997 disclosed the issue to me by Permission of the Great Creator during my next visit to Nakhchivan, and told that earlier he had written down the Great Creator’s Sayings accompanied by synchronic Demonstrations in two thick copy-books, but had burnt them later. I regretted very much, and noted that the essence of the issue is not creation of a new religion on the Earth, and I requested him and recommended as elder brother to record the Sayings in the future, if they will be, for the sake of Science, for understanding and comprehension of Divinity, for the sake of Humanity, and at least to let his and my children, their future generation read and learn the Writings.

In February-May of 1998 during my next visit to Nakhchivan I saw that Vahid had written the Great Creators new Sayings and I read them gladly. And in the beginning of October of the same year 6 Copy-books had been written already. During my conversations with Vahid I underlined that the Great Creator would not make you write these Writing for a few people, and if the Great creator permits, you should make plan for publishing them as a Book.

In February-March of 1999, when I was in Nakhchivan, I learnt from Vahid that there had not been need in making plan to systematize the Writings containing in 6 Copybooks, that is, On October 24, 1998 from 15.00 p.m. the Great Creator started dictating His above mentioned book “Creation”. The Writings in this Sacred Book, as told by Vahid himself, were identical to the Sayings that were containing in Vahid’s first Copybook burnt by him.

Since May 1998 I have read Vahid’s Copybook with Records and from time to time made broad conversations with him within my concernment, for my comprehension.

The main object and content of talks in this book presented to readers, even though partially, serves for explanation of the Sayings, for comprehension of Divinity Science. They were recorded in tape by me during our conversations on October 8-16, 1998, and then were compiled as the present book by request of most readers of the Sacred Book “Creation”. I suppose that my explanatory notes given in the text within brackets by italic will help readers to some extent”.

The text on the first page of that Book:

With Purity.

With Mental Purity,

With Spiritual Purity,

With Eternal Purity.

With Purity.

– O Great Creator, I worship You and Your Eternal Place.

– O Great Creator, I worship Your Saints in White.

– O Great Creator, I worship Your universes, Your suns, Your places, all Your creations that are always under your Sight.

– I worship Your Light, Your Creation Particles, Your Mercy, and Your Patience.

– O Great Creator, I worship Your Holy Dispatches from Prime, from Sanctity and Your sent Books.

– I worship your every human who returns to his Sanctity comprehending his Initial Sanctity.


O Great Creator, I am thankful for Your Welfare, Knowledge, Science that You send on the Earth.


With Purity. With Light.

With Mental Purity, Wit Mental Light,

With Spiritual Purity, With Spiritual Light,

With Eternal Purity. With Eternal Light.

With Purity. With Light

Vahid Zeynal Rzayev deceased on September 21, 2018.

Book ISBN (978-620-2-92212-8)

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