You are that Great Source, and that Great Source is in You…

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If everything that you see, you know, you read, you touch, you feel, you taste, you hear (sound); your night, your daytime, light, the sky, heaven, stars are real, which reality else are you looking for among these realities, O Human?

Are there realities other than those, Could there be, O Human?
No matter we want or not, no matter we accept or not, They will not be strangers, and they will not change and be different!

Because each of them is a Source separately!
And there are a lot of Sources worth to refer among those “Sources”!
It is a wonder that during recent years one word has been very Popular, very Actual!
One question is put in front of any written text: “What is the source?”.
A written text is a Source already!
Because among above mentioned Sources these are a Source too!

And the Source is among what we See, what we want to Know!
Another strange question is Popular too!
And this question is: “Which literature has been used?”.
Then the question becomes stranger! 
That is, one thought is hidden behind Rows, behind Words, behind Curtain: “which author’s thoughts have you used?”.
They are more interested in a number of used literature, names of Authors, words, quotation of an author, “Quotations” used from them!
If to say more gently, they are interested not in the Essence of the written text, but in thoughts of those authors which had been placed in the written subjects and texts, in articles, books, source of the text!
And these are called by a word “Source”, they require Source!
Interesting question appears!
Human Himself, his Body, Temperature, Movement dynamics, his Look, Breath, Temperature levels are great Sources, but he is unaware of himself!
Human is unaware of himself, of Working principle of his Body! 
In this condition, it is a wonder that he does not seek for anatomic-biologic reasons in Himself, in his Source! 
Human, Living creature, Mass, Body, Creation are among all temperature levels and sequence!
And where are these Temperature levels taken from?
Where does Human get Temperature level?
Though Human, Living creature does not keep source of heat, heat apparatus, heat accumulator under his bosom, in shoulder, in pocket – his soul, his body is bearer of heat!
Why do Human, Creature, Plants, Masses have to be Heat bearers among temperature levels?
What regulates temperature levels in body?
Is temperature level result of feeding, metabolism? 
Human, Living organism holds away himself, limits his Water, Food for a long time in extreme situation and anytime he wants!
In this condition his body temperature does not change, stays stable, that is, 36, – 36,5°C body temperature level does not change!
Then, in this case, it is not metabolism, variety of food that regulated temperature level!
So what does it?
Human, Living organism can live without food and water for a while! 
But, if Human does not have Stable Temperature level, his Existence is impossible!
This is the biggest, interesting “Source” ought to know!
And the Source is not far, but in Yourself!
So, we do not seek for the reason of occurrence of this condition and do not ask each other saying “What is the Source”!
Because the Source is in Ourselves!
In Human Body, Soul the Temperature level is kept by metabolism, food, feeding!
But, each of them separately is different, autonomous Temperature Bearers! (that is, potato is bearer of cold, Coldness, Bread is bearer of Heat, Grains are also bearers of Heat, Water is bearer of Cold and etc.). Though foods are bearers of different temperature and we use simultaneously those different temperature bearers in foods, we keep our stable temperature level 36,5°C – different Foods cannot change temperature level of our body, subordinate it, and create frequently changing Temperature levels!
So, what mechanics in us regulates Stable temperature level, and why does not this Temperature level change?
And the Source is Ourselves, in Ourselves!
This structure is made so Simple that we can do nothing but being surprised!
Lets’ look just at a Human for the present!
Human increases his Temperature level breathing in (in all seasons), and regulates his body temperature, “Cools” it breathing out!
Breath is provided to be very important factor!
When we eat hot food, for example, hot tea, hot coffee, hot boiled milk (having 60-70°C temperature level), our body temperature does not increase as a result of it!
When we eat hot liquid meal (it can be 60-70°C too), our temperature level does not change again!
In summer Human drinks cold, very cold water, even eats frozen ice, but stomach does not be disturbed because of it!
And our temperature level does not rise up to 50-60°C, or under influence of that cold water our temperature level does not drop down to 1-2°C!
In hot summer and in cold winter, in the North or South pole Human does not change his Stable Temperature level!
What keeps that Stable Temperature level?
If our Breath stables Temperature of our body, then what regulates temperature levels of foot that we eat?
When we eat hot or cold foods our diaphragm regulates that temperature level for Stomach!
(Diaphragm – is anatomic organ located between Heart, Lungs and Stomach and Intestine, and separating them from each other).
Diaphragm instantly regulates 8-10°C to different temperature levels of those foods when food enters stomach, because of this simple reason Human’s stomach does not be disturbed!
When Human becomes sad or starts being tired, Diaphragm is squeezed upwards towards Heart and Lungs!
In that condition Human breathes fast, tries to extract breath from himself!
When Human is joyful, is happy, Diaphragm stays stable, as if, it becomes “joyful” too, and Human breathes calmly and smoothly!
Look and see, how simple this Anatomic Biological Structure is!
The Temperature level of a creature is Regulated by one Breath!
Sportsmen, usually boxers, wrestlers and others during training and competitions, in the ring or tatami, in the stadiums sweat and start getting tired in a short time!
Because, frequent breathing rises inner Temperature level (in that case because of amount of air breathed in fast)!
And when we keep breath inside, we breath out so that temperature level of blood did not rise, so we regulate Temperature level!
And between rounds trainers try to cool those sportsmen’s body temperature spraying cold water, and by means of ice pieces!
Note that it is Breath what regulates temperature levels for all living creatures!
And when we eat food, that is Diaphragm what regulates inner temperature level!
If these regulation cases would not exist (the Breath, the Diaphragm, and the Blood), if the Breath, the Temperature levels, the Stomach, and the Blood would not “accompany” Human, Living creature from very birth till his last day, then how we – Leaving creatures could be, could exist?
Our body would Heat excessively, or would Cool excessively, and our Stomachs would be disturbed of Food Temperatures, or would catch cold and stop because of Cold Foods!
And this is a Source, the Source is in you, You are a Source!
Are we aware of working principle of our body, the body of all Leaving creatures?
Where should we look for another Source?
The Universe itself is a Source too!
Our Knowledge, our Researches, our Investigations, our Interests – these are the Sources!


It is interesting and strange!
Organisms of all Humans, of all Humanity are identical!
That is, what Identity do they have?
Human feeling acute pain and acute ache uninterruptedly breathes fast, by short intervals, dives breath out of himself!
Why, and what happens in body, that Human tries calming, neutralizing this condition at that moment by his subconscious memory?
At that moment amount of Bitter and Sour increases in body dramatically!
At that time Human breathing fast and by short intervals, tries increase amount of Sweet in his body! 
He tries to restore it among Bitter and Sour!
Or, at the moment he starts crying loudly because of pain!
In this case, during body traumas, injuries, wounds occurring instantly, human being frightened cries loudly, and by this method he reduces Bitter and Sour amount instantly accumulated inside the body, and uses this condition intending to increase amount of Sweet among them.
The animal world is like this too!
When aching, being tired, being scared it tries to “neutralize” this condition by its Breath, breathing shortly, fast!
If to think very deeply, we get in very strange condition!
The Source is Human!
And the Sources are for Human!
And Human himself is among the Sources!
Saying “Source”, saying “In Me”, looking for the “Sources” how unaware of ourselves we are!…
How simple is anatomical-biological-physiological constitution of Human, his Temperature levels!
Therefore, we should not be depressed, but we should be in Calm, Cozy, Even Surrounding!
But this second matter of Calm, Cozy, Even, alas, is a bit difficult!
Otherwise, it would be so easy to Live!…
It is very strange and as much interesting and causing to think!
Here is an example to think!
A Chicken leaving liquid and solution environment, that is, getting out of the egg, Breathes and Voices at the same instant!
There is no remainder of liquid and solution in its Nose and Lungs!
If there was any liquid and solution remaining in its Nose and Lungs, Alive Chicken would not be able to make his First breath!
It would not be able even to utter its first Voice!
Remainder of liquid or solution in its breathing passages, probably, would cause its suffocation!
Birth of Human is similar Process as well!
A Baby leaving Mother’s body, her being (being born) by his first Cry (Clear Nose, Lungs, Breathing passages) the first air mass gets in his Lungs without obstruction, and at that moment there is no need in additional intervention of Obstetrician, Gynecologist doctor being around! 
That Baby’s first “Cry”, the first Air Mass filling his Lungs is one of the Prime Reasons of his Existence!
The body can be the first Regulator of the Temperature Level!
It is a wonder that Humans are also carriers of the Positive and Negative Temperature!
Persons walking by middle speed, a bit fast indicate that their Organism is carrier of Cold!
Persons walking by middle speed, slowly, low speed, are carriers of Hot!
Human walking and moving fast breathes fast while walking as well! 
Breathing fast he tries to keep stable amount of “Hot” in his body (this condition is mechanical function of “Subconscious Memory”).
Human moving slowly, not hurrying tries to keep evenness of his breath, so that the temperature within the body would not rise.
When they raise their speed, they start sweating immediately (Subconscious Memory functions here as well).
A man climbing on slope, and a Man climbing up by stairs begins being tired rapidly, he gasps for Breath!.
In this condition as he Breathes fast, the Temperature level within the body starts rising!
But when we go downwards, down the stairs, we do not feel any confusion!
When climbing up, to the height, Diaphragm, is squeezed up, in this condition the Breath rises inner temperature level!
When we go downwards, Diaphragm remains stable!
We Breath out just in free condition!. 
These are the Reasons!
Another strange trait is that, smoking man also grasps for breath, starts being tired!
Because, Temperature level of the light on the end of the cigarette reaches 500-600°C at every inhaling! (Though meat is gradually roasted on the coal and made kebab at 500-600°C!).
In this case also smoke inhaled in Lungs, big hot mass rises Temperature level within the body!
Then Phlegm in Diaphragm and in Lungs, Bronchial tubes tries to Regulate that high smoke temperature, lowering it down to 8-10°C, that is why Breath of smoking man is always loaded and heavy!
Most likely, it would be better if he did not smoke!
“Breathing” is an important factor!
When breathing in, the Temperature level within the body rises! 
When we breath out, the Temperature level within the body Cools down!
While no Living Creature does not bear any Heat “Source” in his Shoulder, in his Armpit, in his Pocket, amount of Heat within the Body fixed for humans at the level of 36-36,5°C does not change, always remains Stable, within that Temperature level!
When breathing in, positive Temperature level is created, but when breathing out, the Temperature level within the body is cooled down, and Temperature Levels are Regulated!


Vahid Rzayev.


Translated by Kamala Amiraslanova

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