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One of the important and irrefutable dates of the Earth is the worldwide Deluge which was informed about in Divine books, and had happened at Prophet Noah’s period. As this analogous event did not happen frequently, successively, the people on the Earth had been informed about that Deluge in Divine books. In that information it was declared that Prophet Noah was the second grand of mankind on the Earth after Prophet Adam. Alongside with it, important information such as “Ashabul-Kahf” (seven Figures), Azeri Son, Prophet Ibrahim and other different information had been attracted in the texts.

But, alongside with it, the territory where Prophet Noah’s family and the people who rescued from water during the Storm had settled and lived, and historical name of that territory had been known to the people on the Earth.

In the legend “Bilgamis” it is stated that the name of our geographic territory at Prophet Noah’s period (before the Storm and after the Storm) was “Ur”. It was noted in Ajdar Farzali’s article “The Land of Inimitable Monuments” referring to “Bilgamis 1988, pg. 8, translated by Ismayil Valiyev”.

 By the way, a lot of names related with “Ur” have been saved, remained and are being used. After that storm the people of that period not forgetting rescue and salvation by Prophet Noah, feeling gratitude towards Prophet Noah, started calling, entitling many places in Ur territory by His name. Alongside with it, the territory started being characterized as the territory saved from the Deluge by Prophet Noah: Nuh-chikhan (Noah’s rescue place), Nuhchu-van (Noah’s territory) and etc.

One of the interesting events is that after Noah’s family and other people rescued from the storm, and the water started decreasing, local earthquakes started happening on the Earth.

The earthquakes brought new reliefs, new layers, rocks, heights, pits, landslips in our planet. Because, new life conditions, new changes were beginning on the Earth.

At the stages after the worldwide Deluge, at the period when the water were decreasing gradually, volcanic eruptions happened many times, successively on the Aghri Mountain located in that territory.

Renovation of the earth surface at that period was known in the territories as new spheres of Divine Light. These states were also accompanied by earthquakes. One of those Light spheres was Nakhchivan territory in Azerbaijan.

One of the novelties on the earth, the fire rising, seeming, flaming from underground in many places of Azerbaijan, Absheron, especially in Nakhchivan territory, was called Atash (Ata – prime, leading, owner of Light; its pronunciation with “sh” / ʃ / ending had the meaning “turning of the light into heat”). The word “ata” was also accepted as a concept that did not change when being pronounced directly or contrary, remained unchanged (mirror effect), stable, and absolute.

“Atash” as the reason of all actions, beginnings and endless continuance, had the meaning of a concept having Light and heat, being Absolute. Burning mountain, the fire rising, shining from the ground was also called Atash-gah (Fire power).

After volcanic eruptions calmed down on the mountain to the west from Nakhchivan city, bright shine of the mountain seeming from Gami-gaya in Nakhchivan (on the west), vision of Light, fire provoked joy and interest in people of that period.

Those people had been using fire at the period before the storm. Vision of the fire seeming, shining at that time was not strange; the wonder was that, after those volcanic eruptions happening on Aghri-dagh that mountain was glittering with Gilded Light.

But those rescued families, those people had big difficulties in getting heat and fire at that time. And vision of Light, fire, its shining gave some gladness, happy news, salvation, some hope.

Because all mankind, all creatures, the Earth itself, its core located in the center had been created in need for Light, Atash (fire) and heat. Procreator Procreates everything in heat, with heat! (Mother is hot and child is hot).

There had to be a reason for rescue of those people and Noah’s family in that territory. The fire flaming from underground, the fire, Light seeming on the mountain was a Present of the Universe, Look of the Universe to that territory.

The territory, the reason of rescue of the people of that period could be characterized as “Attention” by Light, heat towards that territory.

That presented light, brightness, fire was featuring that the Light should be declared as procreator, beginning of all periods after the storm, beginning of life, living. (Gilt is a portion, part of Light. It is a portion, part, Grain state of the Light being very bright, multisided, not stopping on movement trajectories, not colliding, not touching each other, having mass, but not having weight, not going in time, being in movement through the Universe, passing through all masses and creatures without obstacles and very speedy, and being key for creation of all creatures).

Those people going towards the mountain with joy and belief were looking with interest at the fire sparkling from underground, seeming at the bottom of the mountain. Owing to interest and necessity they started thinking of carrying that fire to their place, to Gami-gaya (they were still settled in mountains, on stones, rocks). After consultations and different discussions they decided that it would be possible to carry that fire, that flame from the bottom of the mountain by kindling bonfires at some distance from each other.

The first bonfires were built, were kindled from Aghri-dagh to Gami-gaya. The fire was carried from one bonfire to another, the fire was kindled. And the first Priests were chosen to keep those bonfires kindling and to control them. They were serving for keeping fire, bonfires kindling. Thereby, the first fire, bonfire was directed towards Gamigaya by shortening the distance of fire (in azeri: “alov”), “yalov”, “halov”, by kindling bonfires.

Now night-times started being merry and interesting. The fact that the fire, flame, bonfires were displaying at night direction of the initial origin of fire – the Aghri-dagh mountain from long distance, was giving great belief and hope for future.

Those bonfires increasing, stretching from the bottoms of the Gami-gaya and Aghri-dagh grew, stretched, increased towards all large territories of Azerbaijan. Because the light of bonfires was lighting the big area, the large territory beginning from the bottoms of the Govv, Gavv, Gaff mountain from morning till night.

Starting from that time all happened events, that period, the name of that territory, the fact that beginning of God’s Light, of spring was at the time of passing from Aires to Taurus constellation were engraved on all stones, rocks and mountains by flints in Zarvan (afterwards Zurvan, its contrary variant Novruz) territory, and that historical event was engraved, written by signs (initial symbols) and were saved in history so that to inform future generations about it. Those first stone, rock inscriptions were not scattered writings, paintings, but were consecutive rock inscriptions. Because just stone was handy. It become the first chronicle inscription on the earth, and it become the start for chronicles that would be written during millenniums.

Willingly or unwillingly, very interesting questions appear. One of those questions, very interest provoking, very puzzling moment is that, how the people of that period were shortening their hand and foot nails, whereas there were not any cutting, sawing, piercing metal instruments?

If hand and foot nails had not been shortened, it would not be possible neither to walk, nor to hold something by hands, or to grab. The people of that period used to gather canes in the water when the weather grew cool, polish them beating under stone, and did everyday works and other works by their means (it was sharper than steel cutter). They used boats made of cane for sailing on water basins too.

In the sequel the plain between Gami-qaya and Aghri-dagh seeming at a distance was called the plain of Arlar [Ərlər], Aranlar [Ərənlər] – (owners, owner of the territory, owners of fire, Light). Many times later, [ə] was pronounced as [a], the owners of the plain was called “Ar”, “Arlar” (Ars). As there is not [ə] letter in many alphabets, the word [Ərlər] was pronounced as [a] letter and was told as Arlar.

But indigenous name bearer, the word Ur – (the name of the territory before the storm), [Ər] which was added afterwards – (then [ar], Light owner of that territory), Dur – (stand up, rise, it is time, the opinion, the word is yours) was name indicating both the territory, the owners in the territory and its character. As sum of them, the name was [Ur-ər-dur] – (Urardu).

But when those bonfires were burning, knowing that it is red, burning and aching, that mountain, that Fire were considered to be aching (not in negative meaning, but it was considered sacred saying “if you are ill-disposed – you will feel its ache” concerning this protected territory and these lights). Alongside with it, they concluded that this territory is also under God’s Gaze , God’s look.

But another truth is that at the following historical stages there was the last march of all commanders to Azerbaijan and especially to Nakhchivan territory, and fall stage of those military marches started.

If to follow the history chronologically undeniable truths will be revealed here. Unsuccessful outcome of the marches planned by commanders to other territories started from Azerbaijan, from Nakhchivan. And their failure started from their march to Nakhchivan. You cannot capture the Light Proprietor, because this territory – Azerbaijan has its Light Proprietor.

That Qaf (qov – in Azerbaijani: turn out), Aghri mountain is situated majestically in Azerbaijan territory, on the present geographic boundary of Nakhchivan (to the west) with Turkey.

As the fire rising from the bottom of the Aghri Mountain, from underground had been burning among stones during millenniums, during centuries, those stones, be it big or small (not depending on their mass) had burned during long time and had become light, in Nakhchivan those stones were called “puff”, “fuff”, “tuff” stones.

They were called like this because they were light (in indirect meaning: they will fly like feather if to blow), they were called as the stones which were not applicable for construction, could not bear construction. One of additional names is “Foot stone”, that is, burned, enlightened stone gathered from the foot, slope of the mountain.

It is said among the people in Nakhchivan that “tuffaghin daghilar”, “tiffaghin daghilar” (literally: “your light load will collapse”) this phase does not have meaning of damnation at all, but means warning (it means “the work that you are going to do is vacuous, light; it does not worth to bear this load, don’t deal with that vacuous, meaningless work, it will collapse”).

At present time that Gaf, Aghri mountain is considered to be one of not sleeping, but “lumbering” volcanic mountains.

The Dagh (in English: mountain) title is bearer of strange meaning. That is “dagh” beats, burns, cauterize (in Azerbaijani: [daghlamaq]). Our language is so reach language at the size and scale of the Universe that our words are bearers of themselves and their meanings.

It is right that there had been created many tales, legends and myths about that Aghri mountain. According to the legend Prometheus was chained up on that Aghri mountain by Zeus, because he had stolen the Fire and had given it to people (again fire-light). And his brother Heracles went to the Aghri Mountain to rescue his brother. On the way he passed through Kalkhida around the Black Sea and met Amazonians there. And then he continuing his way reached the Gaf Mountain, the Aghri Mountain, broke the chains and rescued his brother.

Because at all historical stages there had been crated tales, myths and legends about rescue on the Aghri, Qaf Mountain to declare that the people rescued during the storm around that mountain.

By innumerable military marches to Nakhchivan territory made on different “pretexts” the Light temples, fire temples, historical monuments, rock, stone inscriptions had been destroyed, the historical constructions had been ruined, there had been attempts to change many historical names and meaning bearers purposefully.

After the storm when the water started decreasing gradually Prophet Noah sent to different directions three of his sons and the persons selected among the rescued people. Together with each son he sent suitable for him persons who had belief in light, kindness. There was no purpose, those rescued people just were taking rescue and salvation from the Light territory, the rescue territory so that to make new life continue.

Each son was leaving his fatherland with its traditions, cultures, languages that had been talked before the storm, its linguistics, science and etc.

At the next period their grandchildren, great grandchildren spoke just in that language, in that syllable, word root. That language, linguistics originated from this territory, was the Prophet Noah’s, Zer (Gilt) language. (Even if they wanted to find, invent another completely new language in a short time after the world Flood, it would be impossible).

There could not be invented another, perfect language, linguistics, and there was not need in it at all. As language, linguistics is great and complex system a human is not able to change it from root any time he wants and by any manner he wants, and to systematize otherwise. (The ending of word, of idea can be changed, but its root is unchangeable).

Many times later those grandchildren returning from surrounding territories to their Fatherland, to the land of their Grand were speaking in that language, in that syllable as initially, they did not even need translation.

They were grand guests coming to the land of their Grand. As those guests had information about the territory, as if they had desire to meet again that Light, Salvation. This arrivals had meaning of gratitude for those Greatness by visit of the grave of their grand in Grand’s land, Fatherland.

One of the most interesting cases was that, they were taking with them the Light portion from their grand’s territory looking with great gratitude at salt in our territory, at the shining stones around. Those stones were sparkling when being collided (stroke) with each other! Those stones were called “chakhmaq dashi” (“flint stone”) – “chakh” (“strike”) meant “to beat on each other by blow, and “maq” – meant “shining, spreading Light, “strike” of Light”.

Those sparkling stones in our territory and on the mountain slope were called “qovv”, “qavv”, and in the further periods “v” letter fell at pronunciation being pronounced as “f”, turned into Qaf mountain, Qaf territory, the territory sparkling with Lights, Spark, Light.

The territory was called Qaf-qal, and further Qafqaz (the Caucasus). With this concept and name the Qaf mountain had turned into the Qafqaz (Caucasus) mountain, the Qafqaz (Caucasus) chain of mountains.

Even in India at present happy days, holidays are celebrated by burning the “Bengal candles”, therefore, they mention the holiday with Gilt (Zer), with sparkling lights.

This execution comes from very ancient times. On the Earth, in states all holidays are celebrated with Fireworks, with sparkle of Light and Gilt (Zer) on the sky. Because the Gilt is the Light portion creating, generating sparkle, it is safety. Gilt, Light is not destructing, destroying, collapsing.

Many times later when making firearms, bearer of that name, “chakh-maq” (“flint”) was called as the main detail of that arm.

Calling those sparkles generated from that flint stone “gilt, bright sparkle”, having seen sparkling stones in our territory, the fires burning from underground, our territory had been called the Land of Fires (Ata-shlar), the Land of Lights.

As the fires rising from underground had been shining from underground during thousands of years in Azerbaijan, Absheron, Nakhchivan territory, our territory was called “the Land of Fires”.

But very timely question, interest occurs at this moment, because if the prime of this territory was with Gilt, with Light, was in surrounding of Light, what happened with these lights?

The most interesting and puzzling moment is that, in 1970s when the Soviet cosmonauts were conducting scientific expedition flights to the cosmos for the cosmic scientific investigations, the cosmonauts in the spacecraft looking with interest at the surface of the Earth from space (it is very interesting view indeed) observed just one area on the earth shining brightly. Looking at physical geographic map it was revealed that the shining territory was in Azerbaijan territory – it was Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. After the flight that Soviet cosmonaut had came in Nakhchivan and contemplated this territory with great admiration.

If there is Light, it would not Disappear. That existing Light would not Turn down, it is impossible to “put out” that Light.

Among the people rescued from the storm, “Zer” (“Gilt”) had the meaning of luxury, bright cover, outwear of well-known, distinguished persons, their beauty, the thing worthy of king, padishah, “Bab” – leading, corresponding, orator, the person able to unite, leader, foremost, believed person, bearer of Belief, “Maq” – lighted, shining, spreading light, helping with light, having force, light power, and its opposite, “Qam” – the meaning of seven integer during generation of the Universe, sum of all concepts establishing seven, the colors, sounds summed in seven, absolute, close, completing each other, “Priest, Priests” – controller, protector of fire, belief, light temple, common connection of seven integers, in seven sum, connection of seven in the meaning of earth with the Universe, that sacred Light, originated from Light and declaring generation feature, “Dur” – “durlar” (“durs”), further tour, to pass from tour to tour, from one stage to another, the border of spread of Light by stages, stage, bound, distance, protecting scope, boundary, support, wall, keeping the position and etc.

Those executors of this kind would never change their belief and faith. All zers, babs, maqs, qams, priests, durs and others were considered the members of Prophet Noah’s family.

They were Enlightened, bearers of Light, Believers in Light. Their another name was “Figures” – the persons distinguished among all, among most of people, not equaling everybody.

Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan were also called as Light bearers, Light proprietors. Zers, A-Zers, Azeris – we had not called ourselves like this, but we had been called this way by strangers who had come and seen. One of those names is “Tolerant”. Strangers kept looking at us, kept thinking that we treat strangers very attentively, we are hospitable, we share with everybody.

This is completely right view. We had not come from anywhere to this territory, but existed initially in this territory. And we accepted every stranger as a guest.

But on very ancient maps the Khazar (Caspian) Sea was called as the “Kirkan” Sea. At the following historical stages it was called Haa-Zers (Haa – endles, continuing, interminable, unending Zers, enlightened people), and “h” fell and was replaced by “kh” (“x”), and was pronounced as Kha-Zar (Xə-Zər).

Saying Azer, it is implied that historical period, that territory and the people settled in that territory. Saying Azer-I, “I” is used as plural ending, expresses self, place of Azers.

On the physical-geographic maps, there does not exist any village, settlement, territory called “AzerI”, so the name Azer-I cannot belong to anybody, anywhere, any territory.

“I”- is directing, aiming. It is completer of name and bearer of function. It is plural ending, expresser of belonging. (the phrase “Azer-I is strange to us” used frequently these days, which cannot be interpreted, does not have historical root, is nothing but very needless, senseless, vacuous idea).

Because, during centuries in different territories related with Noah’s rescue on the Earth there had been built the cities, settlement areas called Zer, Azer, where architecture school and elements of Azerbaijan had been used.

Gilt (Zər) fell, fell in Gilt (Zer), fell from Light, Gilt (Zer), A-Zer fell on the territory! There fell the Gilt (Zer) being primary, generated from Light, being generator of Light!

After the worldwide Flood Prophet Noah’s family and the people who rescued from the storm could immortalize this territory, this geography as Salt Way, Silk Way, Gilt (Zer) and Light way.

We and our territory had been known and appreciated as territory of Zers, Babs, Maq, Qams, Durs, Priests. Therefore, it had been known that the land of Zer, Azer is the land of Azeris.

We are Gilt (Zer), we are from Gilt (Zer), we are with Azer, we are Azeri! We had not given these names ourselves, we had been called like this by others who had looked and seen us.

Vahid Rzayev

Translated by Kamala Amiraslanova


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