The Rule of Need

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The Rule of Need


If to look around attentively, to look at conditions, the all conditions are in connection with each other!
It is impossible to function on the earth witout Quantum physics, Quantum mechanics!
Considering Quantum physics, quantum condition and Quantums conception, these are the “Rule of Need”, and Quantum is its internal state!
Just like all condition are in need of each other!
Looking at the hard cliff, marble, stone, metall, we see that each of them is foliated, laminar by structure and essence!
What is the reason?
Let us assume that it is the “Rule of Variety!”, but where did this Rule of Variety arose from?
Thus, Variety arose from the Rule of Need!
The all conditions are in need of each other!
Let us consider some examples.
All conditions, all creatures are in need of Light – Heat!
They are in need of primary grain, seed, granule, scintilla, particle falling on the soil!
They are in need of Particle, Primery Light!
All Beings created from particle are in need of environment!
Grain, seed are in need of environment, and Soil!
The Soil is in need of Water!
And wind, weather is in need of water too!
Water, Soil, Mountain, Ravine, Heights, Holes on the Earth are in need of the Earth core!
The Core is in need of Light!
Human, living creature is in need of the Sun, That Light! 
They are in need of Light, Heat of the Sun!
Human is in need of the all states!
He is in need of sleeping, in need of food, in need of walking, in need of moving, in need of thinking, in need of love, affection, in need of attention, in need of caress, in need of pain, and painlessness, in need of Light, in need of learning and knowing and etc.
Human is in need of birth of living creature, in atmosphere of Mother being, Mother being is in need of Man being (marriage)!
And they are Responsible for Look, behavior, breath, action!
They have free, independent Ability for constructing, constituting, giving designs, thinking, saying, giving ideas!
All conditions, mechanisms, buildings, machines are in need of parts!
These conditions are in need of the Universe, all planets in the Universe, all Galaxies, all interminable, inexhaustible movements are in need of the Universe!
And the Universe is in need of the Prime, That Primary Light, Absolute Master of the Universe!
It is the “Rule of need” originated, started from prime, the Rule of Disinterestedness, Unmercenariness!
In mechanics of the Universe none of the Planets “Oblige” each other in common movement, or be “Mercenary”! 
They do not say “I” to each other, do not apply Coercion, Force to each other!

One note:
We should not think that just we two became aware of what we are speaking about right now, and nobody else knew and heard our conversation!
This is wrong idea, in the meaning that the all Universe system is “Hearing and Listening” to our conversation just at this instant.
For this reason human, living creature cannot lose touch with the Universe!
Human is not free, independent creature, but is “Absolute” Creature!
In the meaning that it is a creature with irreproachable, perfect anatomic-biological being!
But in all conditions it is a creature that is in need of its surrounding!
He is in need of sleeping, food, heat, cold, in need of color, sound, touch, feeling (taction), caress, pain, longing, concern, hope!
At the same time he is in need of night, daytime, in need of the Universe, and finally, in need of its Creator!
His thoughts are with himself, are His!
Due to those thoughts, he seeks and finds, becomes interested, invents, builds and constructs, argues, sometimes feels pity, sometimes forgives, and sometimes does not even forgive, pretends and becomes self-satisfied and etc.
It is right assertion that human is both Needy and Absolute being!
He considers principal what and how he thinks!
Because human being is not a “Robot” and does not have buttons, so that they could push any his button from the Universe implying “do it”, and turn off his movements by means of any his button implying “do not do it!”.
But indications of wrong in our mistakes are revealed, and known!
Therefore, we bear responsibility for every our step, every look, every breath, every thought!
In this respect, it is right that human is Free and Absolute just in his Thoughts!

Vahid Rzayev

Translated by Amiraslanova Kamala Ahad gizi


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