“Pyramid” – its Meaning and Essence…

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“Pyramid” – its Meaning and Essence…

Direction of Sphinx in Egypt is eastward!
Sphinx has meaning of “welcoming the Light of the Rising Sun”!
Its meaning, its eastward direction, its orientation towards Light, Sunrise has great value! 
And the essence, meaning of the name of Sphinx is “My Father Ra”! 
That is, My Father Ra is Light!
But direct and reverse reading of the name of “Sphinx” confirm and supplement each other!
Just like direct and reverse reading of the words “Ata” (Azeri word – “Father”) and “Ana” (Azeri word – “Mother”)!
Opening mysterious code of those Egypt Pyramids we face such succession!
They were called “Pyramid”!
Opening the secret of the word “Pyramid” it is read as following:
“Py” ([Pi]) – (was approved as unit of circle area 3,16), appointed area,
“Ra” – Rising to Light, Light Summit.
“Mi” – Every edge of the triangle type pyramid (that is, in music notes Mi is the third too, it is the third note, key),
“Da” – means belonging, characterizes “Pyramid” as Temple of Light!
If to reason more profoundly, “Ra” is expressed in the names of all Angels!
Just like, Az-Ra-el, Jab-Ra-il.
The Ko-Ra-n, “Ya-Ra-dan” (Azeri word – “Creator”) and etc.
“Ra” – in any case, Represents, Glorifies the Holy Light!
So, when essence is cleared up, meaning of the Notion becomes clearer!

Vahid Rzayev.


Translated by Amiraslanova Kamala Ahad gizi



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