Why do Human and all Living Creatures “be Hungry” – what is the reason?…

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Human, all Living creatures be hungry at some phase of day!
If to think very deeply, seeking for reason of “Being hungry” we are facing strange facts!
We Azerbaijanians, Azeris using the word “Acmaq” (Azeri word – “being hungry”), express the anatomic-physiological state happening Inside Body just like itself, we call the process occurring Inside Stomach by its own name saying that its “Bitter Taste” (in Azeri: “Acı dad”) Increases!
Contents of Stomach have become Bitter, Amount of “Bitter” has become equal to Amount of “Sour”!
Then we say “Acmışam” (Azeri word – “I am hungry”), that is Amount of Bitter in our Body has increased, I am hungry! (Hungry person is Angry (in Azeri “Ac” – “Acıqlı”).
All vegetation on the Earfh, as well as Trees are in need of Water, they lack Water!

Stone, Sand, Mountain, Hill, all Salts, all Mineral wealth are in Need too! They are also in Need of Relative Moisture, in Need of It!

Newborn baby in the World is given Milk beginning from first minutes!

And the Milk given to that Baby has to be Slightly Sweet (Sweetish a little)!

Because Mother’s Milk is Sweetish too!

That Milk Bears Amount of Sweet!

What happens in Anatomical-Physiological state of that Baby that we ought to give to that Baby Sweetish Milk in a Little Mixture?

A Baby being born in the World Utters Sound, Voices beginning from the first moments!
By that “Sound” he Declares his Anatomical-Physiological state!
We think that “He is crying because his nappy is wet, or because he is hungry!”.
But it is so Indeed!
If his nappy is Wet, his Stable Body Temperature changes, and he Cries, gives Voice!
If Amount of Bitter and Sourness within His Stomach increases (subconscious  memory), to Regulate them, he is trying to Regulate those Tastes by a Bit “Amount of Sweet”!
At the Phase of being Hungry of all Living creatures, as if, Order of the all Body   Interior is Disordered!
This Condition just Resembles the Universe!
It Resembles Encounter of the Light Being with Dark Being!
The Light Being is Creator, Regulator, and the Dark Being is Disordering, Disturbing, Upsetting Order of Light!
In the Dark, at Nights different Pains, Agonies, different Boredoms Start!
But in the Daytime Pains and Agonies Lessen!
Then Light Being Increases Amount of its Light Portion!
Amount of Light Itself, as if is Regulator of the Amount of “Sweet”!

When Amount of “Bitter” and “Sour” Increases within the Temples, they Lessen the Amount of Sweet and Salty!
We become “Hungry” just because of this Simple reason, just to Regulate Amount of that Bitter and Sour.
When we equalize and Regulate those Four Tastes within Stomach by means of Different Food types, with amount of Sweet and Salty within those foods, we do not want to Eat any more, we Stop!
Most times Human says that “Light came in my eyes!”.
And, what is that Light Coming in eyes?
That pronounced “Light” is that Creator, Regulator which Unites beings with Sweet!
In Azerbaijani national song it is said that “Sweetheart is Sweet”!
Then, Human expresses Amount of Sweet regulation that has to be equal with that Sweetheart between two sweets of his Feeling and Memory!
It is interesting to know, what is that Sweet in that Sweetheart that makes him to consider his Sweetheart Sweet?
But, how does it happen that Motherland is Sweet, Child is Sweet, Sweetheart is Sweet, Life is Sweet, and where does this Sweet come?
But, why just Sweet?
As “Sweet” stays between Regulation, Equal Distribution of all Conditions, he – Human Says, Resembles Condition of Distribution of Sweet by Sweet!
Generally, all Creatures nourish by Food!
Eating the Body is obliged to keep in equal order Four Main Taste Components, i.e. Sour, Bitter, Sweet and Salty within the body, it tries to keep stable its being with this Conditions, in accordance with Importance of keeping in Order their Necessary condition!
Amount of Sour and Bitter increases in stomach making Human, Creature hungry!
At this moment bile starts to function!
The bile interferes within the stomach little by little with its Bitter!
That amount of Sour and Bitter, as if, starts to “call” amount of Salty and Sweet! For this reason we try to restore the order of Four Components!
For example, horses do not have bile!
In spite of this, internal walls and layers of the horse’s stomach producing amount of Bitter in its stomach little by little helps digestion!
Bitter itself is the main factor too!
The all medicinal preparations are bearers of Bitter, they are bitter!
Doctor treats patient with that amount of Bitter!
As Amount of Bitter grows, in alive organism the body as if starts Calling Amount of Sour, Sweet and Salty!
If on the Earth planet the all Creatures increase “Amount of Bitter” in themselves, in their actions, behaviors, relations, thoughts, beings, works, with their useless Wars, then Tragedies, Disasters, Destructions, all Diseases start on the Earth!
Then we ourselves call the Universe for help!
We wait for “Help” from the Universe again!
Poor Universe, during millions of years you are still Regulating and Trying to regulate the all Conditions!

The “Bitter” mentioned in the text is not compensated by any other auxiliary Bitter!
That is, that Amount of Bitter cannot be replaced by Bitter of Pepper, by Bitter of Cayenne, by any additional Bitter!
That Bitter is Biological bitter existing in bodies!
It is important carrier, component existing in being of bodies!
It is impossible to reduce to nothing, to utilize completely that Bitter, that Sore from bodies, from creatures by no ways!
That Taste Carriers, Bitter, Sour, Sweet, Salty are Absolute beings!
There are no Creature Beings without them, they do not even exist!
There are some examples about “Biologic Bitter”.
Lets see some examples about Biologic Beings.
When newborn baby is given other milk in addition to breast milk, if amount of Sweet in the milk given to that baby (some months old) is much, the baby does not drink the milk with that composition, the baby cries.
Or if milk given without addition of sweet powder in it, the baby cries again, he does not want to drink it!
He drinks the milk with mean sweet compound, and instantly falls asleep! That is, as mean amount of Sweet in milk is very close to breast milk composition (subconscious memory), he drinks that composition easily!
If given milk is cold, he does not want to drink too, he cries!
If it is very hot, he does not drink again and cries.
If the temperature of milk is average, he drinks easily and falls asleep!
Interesting question appears!
How does that newborn baby being very infant identify that the milk given to him has different composition and temperature than of breast milk?
That newborn baby does not know even who he is!
How does he know that taste is different and temperature limit is different?
But, why all newborns, babies of some animals have to drink “milk” from the first moment of their life?
Generally, all milk compositions in the Earth belong to saturated solutions, distilled water, rain water (Ph- 5,5, unit)!
All milk compositions are carriers of Biologic Taste, are precise temperature Carrier among the all temperature limits!
Because of this simple reason newborn Baby, owing to memory that he brought, Identifies himself instantly these conditions, Four Taste carriers, that is, Bitter, Sour, Sweet and Salty among his body memory, and 36°C difference of his body temperature!
It is memory carrier ability of all living creatures!
Lets see one more example.
All people like flowers very much! They accept grassland, flower garden very close to them!
What happens in this situation?
Human, all Creatures looking at those Flowers, Vegetation, at Biological saturated, Color composition, Saturated Temperature limit of each plant, see that its being is in surrounding of them, as it is shared among his Memory, in Instant, the Flowers seem native to all People, to all Creatures!
As if they look at “Interval limit” of their being!
Why does Human die by Biologic condition?
We say that it is “Biologic” death!
When human in Natural state leaves this world for a moment, Four Taste condition stops acutely in a moment!
That is, Bitter, Sour, Sweet, Salty composition state ceases in a Moment, those Functions are stopped by the Universe!
Light-Particle Connection stops!
As soon as Light-Particle connection stops, Biologic State of Four Tastes stops for this reason!
So, all connections, Taste, Color, Temperature, Light Connections are stopped with this condition, with Power of Light!
We say that Human “Died”, but all cells in human body do not die completely during four days, they “die away” gradually.
Look, how important for being Four Biologic State Compounds, Being, Color, Temperature, Particle-Body!
How does human “grow old” seemingly?
In Human being the all anatomic organs supplement his Being!
Humans Inner world, his Memory, Reminiscences do not “grow old”.
It is not Stomach that changes Human’s appearance, but his gut system, “Large intestine”!
There are a lot of such comparative examples, but I do not want to take your time.


Vahid Rzayev.


Translated by Kamala Amiraslanova

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