The Second Life Starting from Aries

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The Second Life Starting from Aries


What happened on the Earth on the eve of the worldwide storm?

Earth core was activated to such an extent that all masses in deep layers of the earth and on the earth were in roughness. As a result of that roughness waters, water basins were waving in accordance with the core activity.

The reason of all those was horrible roaring sound that was heard along the all globe beginning from its core. It was like the earth was in revolt, was revolting.

That sound frequency speed was very strong, therefore, water was waving; it made waters to move. Ground was cracking, the stones were getting shattered. That Earth perturbation occurred within a moment was very terrible.

As a result of this Earth perturbation the people of that period remaining among water waves and Earth perturbation were reaching out for heights, mountains, rocks seeming around. Different objects, pieces, woods brought by water waves were helping to people to rescue in water, from water (it is interesting state that most animals can swim. But human learns swimming by helping means. At present situation, if there is some billion of people in the world just a little part of them can swim. Majority consider that swimming is difficult).

Those people in water were making effort to rescue struggling hardly against water, waves, moving towards mountains, rocks, stones. Those seeming stones and rocks were giving them hope for rescue, belief in salvation. They were making effort, were helping each-other, were rescuing hardly from water on those stones, those rocks. After the storm calmed down they called those rocks, those stones Gam-gaya, power rock, and rescue rock, saved in history in their memories.

Generally in ancient times, and even in the XIX century “gam” expression was used in fiction literature. “Gam” – meant power, collecting together, assembling, and using force. That is, in very subsequent historical periods they used to say in spring time: “Gam vakhtidir, torpaghi gamlamak vakhtidir, gam surmak vakhtidir” (it is time for “gam”, to “gam” the soil, to drive “gam”).

That is, one meaning of “gam” was “we rescued together” making effort, using power against waves. Therefore, those people remembered that they assembled in the area, territory where they rescued by power – by “gam”.

In spring, during sowing, tillage time they used an expression “Making “gam”, ploughing the soil starts with Calf”. And it had very big reason. The reason was that the people of that period were aware of Constellation moving (traversing) on the sky, and their names existed as well.

But after the Deluge the name meaning of those constellations started changing too. Existing constellations were called, arranged in conformity with that period, in conformity with events, and turned into bearers of the first Earth calendar.

That is, during spring when the sun was passing from Aries to Taurus constellation (according to present calendar the period from the 18th of February to 18th of March; it was characterized as the eve of storm and the time of stop of the storm. It was memory of restart of life, its renovation, renewal).

From this period beginning of sunny days on the sky, heating of weather and ground was bringing new life.

In sunny days the clouds massed, started moving, deceased were prayed for, alive people become more friendly to each other. Tenderness between those people returned again, come back again.

After the storm the graves were dug for those who could not rescue. The places were assigned for the first graves and graveyards. Those graveyards were considered the bearers of meaning, memory.

As during the storm surrounding mountains and rocks had been considered the stone of hope and rescue, the first grave stones were chosen high and narrow with the meaning that “they rose up to heights”. On those stones the days during the storm were engraved by means of tinder, steel (epitaph – gravestone inscriptions).

Funerals were executed by digging graves as initially.

As initially, as continuation of that memory bearer, they saved the memory that as human and other creatures come to this world from “covered” world, they have to leave this world being covered. Not depending on human’s status in the world, it was considered as result of attentive and tender attitude towards that human.

It was unacceptable if any creature leaving this world remained uncovered. Tender attitude towards a human, a creature by a human was not human’s particularity, but was human’s concern (particularity and concern are differing).

Those marked stones on graves (many times later they were called “gravestone”), initial graves were dug in direction of sunrise at daybreak, during Ush time. They were being buried saying “You joined the Light, and we all will join that light”.

Those graveyards and gravestones, therewith, did not have meaning of the fated ending, but meant that human is a high creature and he will join heights.

Inside and bottom of the grave there used to be covered densely with stones. It did not have reason, but had meaning; it meant that humans rescued from water on stones and rocks.

Another reason was not to allow injuries, wounds got by many of deadmen  during the storm, and their possible illnesses (their different types) to leak, to pass from grave to memory of soil.

To prevent rain waters pouring during the period after funeral, leaking through the surface of ground and getting memory of those bodies (results of biologic processes going in those bodies), to join underground waters.

Underground waters, underground rivers are very complex system. Those underground rivers under deep layers reach equator of the Earth very speedy, accumulate there and spread from there between two Poles, renovating rocks and layers. At the same time they are strong water currents flowing incessantly towards equator between two poles.

To prevent that “memory” bearer (also “those states”) to come up the surface of earth by means of those springs, underground reservoirs, rivers. So that the soil, plants, water did not turn into “bearer of those states”. And not to allow alive creatures “bear” that memory using that food and water. Those conditions were not a rule, but were considered as possible results.

Among the people who rescued from the storm the Prophet Noah looking on the sky said: “The people rescued in this territory. Look, the Sun, wind, clouds, rains, waters, hails do not have territory. They move along the earth, divide, share unity with all alive creatures. Because they come from all sides of the Earth, spread to all sides of the earth, they do not have their territory, they reach all territories, and nothing obstructs them”.

He could create rooted belief in tenderness, in gratitude for environment, to the sky among the people. Many times later the people were gazing at the dome of the sky calling it Kahkashan ([kəhkəʃan]), and the constellations – Kashana ([kahkaʃan]).

The first graves after the storm were not characterized just as cemeteries. Those graves turned into bearers of meaning, of memory. High, narrow stones placed on the graves had the meaning to resemble future people and brought generations that during the storm the people assembled on rocks, stones.

They resisted, withstand the storm, rescued on the stones and human generation continued (if during the storm there was another means for rescue, supposedly, they would save in history, in memory that means, and it would be inevitable to be saved in history).

But before the Deluge mankind living on the Earth were both marrying and leaving this world. Before the storm the people living this world were approached with thought “He (she) joined his (her) prime”, and the grave were marked with family, generation symbols, with different marks.

The character, behavior of that human, his position among people were symbolized with introduction marks, “stamps”. Alongside with those stamps there were signs, notes by drawing with different natural colors.

Signs (stamps) on pottery (faience, clay pots, things) and on other such products were made to indicate whom that product belonged to, whom it had been made by, as well as, which generation it belonged to. Those marks, symbols, ornaments were indicator of generation (clan).

Those marks, stamps being recognition signs of the people and generations of that period among them, informed of their character, behavior and achieved status. Afterwards those marks, symbols, stamps come to form of flag and attribute. The people who rescued after the storm were also engraving their generation marks, stamps on stones and rocks. Alongside with it, among the most important marks, imprinting of the Ram (Aries), the Bull (Taurus) denoted that the Storm happened at the period passing from Aries constellation to Taurus.

Alongside with those notes, those marks, in stone inscriptions there were also imprinted the letters used at that period. It would be “stone memory” – stable alphabet in memory turned into stones of the generations that will be brought in the future. After the storm this territory was called a cradle of mankind. The paintings of horned ram and calf engraved on stones in many territories at the historical stages after that period indicated that the life on the Earth started for the second time at this “period”, after the Deluge. These signs had been memory for all mankind.

Those people were saving in memory many conditions. The greatest memory was considered to be the memory of water.  Because memory saved in water resembled to those people again that “we should be tender to water. Because we rescued from water by water, our desires, our thoughts saved us; every word, every thought told to water spreads among waters; don’t tell the water your sorrow, your anguish, your ailment – water will return it to you. Tell the water your tenderness, your desires, your expectancy, your joy, tell the water what you cannot find – the waters will walk about waters and will bring you help. Keep water dear, consider it dear; water is life, it is your life – keep your life dear”.

Strange to say, water is memory bearer of the earth, and the blood is memory bearer of human. They both are liquids. Water and blood both flow. They bear memory states. It is blood that makes heart to function. (heart as an internal organ doesn’t make blood to move, but blood flowing strongly makes the atrium-ventricle of heart to function).

At this period there was one more address from Prophet Noah to people, and it was address of gratitude. Prophet Noah used to say to those people “Let’s be thankful to the Sun, to water and to the soil. They help human generation, give them life”.

The soil became your rescuer from water with the light over your head. The soil became dear, it became your rescuer. If we have to struggle against torture, there would be a stone in your palm, the ground under your feet, and the light over your head.

Be honest and fair – your salvation is in it. Before starting any work think “what will be result of it, what will be the ending”.

He had one advice to his sons and to the people accompanying them traveling to long distance “knead in your palm a pinch of salt, a pinch of soil and a bit water, roll them, make them fellow traveler for you, they will be your helpers during the way.

If you face difficulty, disrespect, stop and hit the soil, the ground with your right foot. “It” will know – the ground will know, you will say then. Call the sky, the heavens, be sure, you will be heard then”.

In the end of these commentaries there was said “Be sure, it will not be wrong. Addresses to God cannot be mistaken, be sure that God would not accept mistakes. Be sure that God would not tell wrong. And you be sure in your appeals, so that there cannot be done wrong to Him”.

At the following historical periods in the word /əmin/ (sure) the letter /ə/ was replaced by the letter /a/. It started sounding as “Amin” in the language of people.

Tanri (God) – know that Tanri, know yourself; you will know yourself to that extent that you know Tanri. Be sure of it.


Vahid Rzayev


The texts were republished in English by “AqRa” PASAS by financial support of the Council of State Support to Non-State Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Translated by Amiraslanova Kamala Ahad gizi


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