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 Rzayev Vahid Zeynal (April 22, 1947 – September 21, 2018) was born in officer’s family in Nakhchivan city.

In 1966 he finished the school No 1 in Nakchivan.

From 1972 to 1992 he worked as a standardizer engineer in Nakhcivan Republic Department of  U.S.S.R. State Committee of Standards.

On November 9, 1987 Rzayev Vahid Zeynal was awarded with Certificate of Honor for “Efficient and Long-term Labor Activity” by U.S.S.R. State Committee of Standards.

His works published after publication of the BOOK “CREATION” (May, 1999) containing the GREAT CREATOR’S SAYINGS (in azerbaijani cyrillic alphabet):

  1. “The Talk about Creation” (I-II-III Parts; – jointly with Fikrat Rzayev – 1999-2000 – azerbaijani cyrillic alphabet)
  2. “We Hope on You” (2000 – azerbaijani cyrillic alphabet)
  3. “Our Creation is from Universes” (2003 – azerbaijani latin alphabet)
    4. “We Started Existence from Existent” (2015 – azerbaijani latin alphabet)
  4. “LIGHT, PARTICLE (was published in 2015 – 2018 in e-format on on basis of the materials published in Fb – azerbaijani latin alphabet).

    Book ISBN (978-620-2-92212-8)

    Book of Pastulate :

    Pastulates – Vahid Rzayev download book


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