My Thoughts about Vahid Rzayev and His Book “We Started Existence from Existent”…

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When I started writing this note I firstly thought that there are not enough words to understand, comprehend Vahid Rzayev and the World of Divinity with Knowledge that he brought again; you should just read the texts that he wrote with great responsibility and very attentively, think and comprehend.

By disposal of fortune I had to live in Nakhchivan during a year in 2009-2010 and I had spent all my spare time, that I had there a lot, for reading different fiction, scientific, philosophicall religious books, and for conducting different researches. Especially, a lot of questions concerning religion remained unanowledged, and I could not find answers for them.

The answers to the main questions that I was seeking for since I started realizing the life I found in early 2011 in MISTER Vahid, whom I met and made acquaintance of through our mutual friend Huseyn Javadov in Baku when I just reached my 60 years of age.

Though we leaved and grew up in the same city, and the workers of Nakhchivan State Standards Committee, where he had worked, used to conduct inspections in different trade departments that I had managed in my youth, somehow we had not met in Nakhchivan … it’s a fact.

In one of our following meetings near the building of ANAS (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) he handed me two small packages and said quitely and “Gently”: “There are our books in it. Can you familiarize? These are two sets, one you may give to anybody you want”. I decided to take one of the packages for the time being.

Thus, as those books prepared and published as a result of overall efforts of brothers – Vahid Rzayev and Fikrat  Rzayev in 1999-2001 aroused very big interest in me, I familiarized with them in a short time.

Since my first acquaintance with the books I started realizing that all 5 books serve for interpretation of the Main Book – “CREATION”. On the 2nd page of the book there were written by small print the phrases that I had not ever met anywhere: “The Great Creators Sayings were written by: Rzayev Vahid  Zeynal”, and in the end there was the following text: “The Great Creators Sayings are neither sold, nor bought – The Great Creator’s Sayings are comprehended. They are not hard for coprehension, your Greatness is not far from you”.

By the time when I read this texts I had never thought deeply about real meanings of “Creation”, “Purity”, “Sayings”, “Divinity” notions.

Both my familiarization with these books in that period and our conversations during recent 5 years brought me to conclusion that Rzayev Vahid  Zeynal is Extremely Ordinary and at the same time Very Great Person, he helps, benefits to people around him, to those who addresses him disinterestedly, and for me this acquaintance and this friendship is also Great Irreplaceable Wealth and Honour.

During these past 5 years spent with him we could do a number of important activities, obtained results by the use of his valuable, quiet and relevant advices and recomendations (we published books: about Elman Aliyev; about Aydin Azimbayov; “The Word” monograph and “Word Construction” books by Fikrat Rzayev – we also organized their academic discussions in Nakhchivan; we assisted for worldwide propagation of 7 books about Nasraddin Tusi’s heritage by Ramiz  Daniz – in electron and printed formats and etc.).

Though we published the book “Noah’s Ark, Gamigaya-Gobustan Alphabet” by Ajdar Farzali (the book proves that all alpahebets in the world were created in Gamigaya in Nakhchivan region of Azerbaijan and spread everywhere from that place, and confirmation of this fact exists for the time being on the old rock paintings, cultural monuments in our country and in all continents in the world) in 2005 in the Center of Scientific Researches “Kainat” led by Elman Aliyev by our friends’ joint efforts, just V.Rzayev gave real appraisal of the book. Moreover, this idea become the first project submitted to the state by “AqRa” PASAS, and as a result we published the book again in Russian by support of the state and achieved its wide academic discussion and its coverage in different mass media.

We registered “AqRa” Public Association on Support for Advancement of Sciense  that was named by MISTER Vahid and founded the website  that has secured its worthy place on a world scale. For the present time (08.09.2020) 98076 visitors from 133 countries worldwide have read different materials in the website for more than 266 thousand times. It is joyous that more than 68 thousand of them are from Azerbaijan. At the same time more than 14000 readers are from the USA and other English speaking countries, and it is very thoughtful, at least because almost all materials in the website are in Azerbaijani…

More than 50 articles (by 31.07.2015) written by Vahid Rzayev, covering different spheres of science, published on above mentioned site, as well as his articles published in republic mass media and in other modern mass media recommended by Himself are assembled in this book.

The first four articles in the beginning of the Book are Chronicles reflecting very ancient history of Azerbaijan.

All the articles are about unknown facts in the world and about different spheres of science. They are so capacious and original that any contrary word is inappropriate here.

As 5 books published in 1999-2000, this book also serves for interpretation of the Main Book – “CREATION”.

I should also remark one fact that in all above mentioned issues and works I acted rather as a coordinator, and preferred to participate in scientific discussions on subjects within my interest and comprehension as a listener.

But as a result of my observations during these years I feel it my duty to say with certainty that all written by Vahid Rzayev in his previous books, and in the book entitled “We Started Existence from Existent” according to his own words are “Postulates”:

– There is a term – “Postulate”. Postulate – is a proof that does not need proving. Postulate – is produced of Axiom, it is a proof in proof. Axiom – is a proof in proof, it is absolute. Production from Postulate is Eureka (I found).

You should just read attentively, think and comprehend the texts written by Him.

MISTER Vahid’s elder brother Fikrat Rzayev used to write preface for all his books published by present time, but now he is not in this earth life among us, and he is in better place. He used to call me “my brother”, thus I tried to replace him in some meaning, but I decided to write this awterword, but not preface, so that to expound some questions.

… On 27.07.2015 towards evening after working on this book together with MISTER Vahid I had to go to my daughter Gunay’s house in  my close neighbour Anar’s car, whom I met often the recent times. We had small dialogue when we got out the car. He told me in Russian:

– Uncle Miri, what is the matter with you today? You are all shining – he said.

– Anar, we are preparing for publication a very important book, most likely that is the reason…” – I answered.

– Really?…

– Yes, Anar, I will show you the book as soon as it is published…

– Agreed!..

    …When I give him the book I will have an advice for him: “I will advise him to find out the 3rd part of the book “The Talk about Creation” by Vahid  Rzayev and Fikrat  Rzayev  published in Baku in 2000, and look at the 142nd page of the book”. I think, in spite of that book is in Azerbaijani, it would not be hard for him to read this book, as it was printed in Cyrillic alphabet…

Mirakbar Seyidov
(Baku;  31.07.2015)

The Book “Postulate” presented to you contains the author’s scientific-philosophic articles serving for interpretation of the  “CREATION” BOOK.

In the name of “AqRa” Public Association on Support for Advancement of Sciense
Mirakbar Seyidov – Chairman of the Administrative Board


Book ISBN (978-620-2-92212-8)

Book of Pastulate :

Pastulates – Vahid Rzayev download book

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