Meteorological and Cultural Influence of the Deluge on Nakhchivan

Since earliest times, as a result of struggle of the primitive people against natural forces, various myths and legends had appeared, and religions and in the sequel different philosophic currents had been developed. Though many legends had real roots, during centuries human imagination rendered them fantastic. Owing to these causes researches for determining, if those myths and legends created by […]

Complex Simplicity and Simple Complexity

We all spend energy getting and handing over information. It is impossible to use Internet, if there is not electricity; to get information by mobile phone, if it has not been charged; to speak on stationary phone, if there is not electricity in phone station; to pass long distance for getting information, if benzene is over – all these are […]

Mental Power

All life of modern people, by principle, consists of just five groups of the processes that they produce – nourishing, heating, lighting, moving and transportation, as well as making contact. Though, at present the sun energy is used completely to meet these requirements time, therefore, the energy directed on those purposes can be divided into two big parts: – the […]

Zer, Azer

One of the important and irrefutable dates of the Earth is the worldwide Deluge which was informed about in Divine books, and had happened at Prophet Noah’s period. As this analogous event did not happen frequently, successively, the people on the Earth had been informed about that Deluge in Divine books. In that information it was declared that Prophet Noah […]

Why do Human and all Living Creatures “be Hungry” – what is the reason?…

Human, all Living creatures be hungry at some phase of day! If to think very deeply, seeking for reason of “Being hungry” we are facing strange facts! We Azerbaijanians, Azeris using the word “Acmaq” (Azeri word – “being hungry”), express the anatomic-physiological state happening Inside Body just like itself, we call the process occurring Inside Stomach by its own name […]


 Theory of Buta-Eccentric was brought on the Earth by Azeris from Azerbaijan, and in further periods “Inertia” and “Centrifugal force” were brought in the world of science, in the sphere of physics! To be more exact, as Azeris in Azerbaijan (in Ur territory) precisely new the Mechanics of Structure of the Universe, Astronomy science, they could bring initial Oval (ellipsoid) […]


PREFACE      Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic being a constituent part of the Azerbaijan Republic, lately develops so rapidly; social-economically, political and culturally. The held world scale constructions, construction and restoration works directly connect with the names of Heydar Aliyev, national leader of the Azerbaijan people, Ilham Aliyev, President of the Azerbaijan Republic who follows his political course successfully, Vasif Talibov,Chairman of […]


MEANING-FORMING DUTIES AND FEATURES OF THE PHONEMES IN WORDS   Vowel phonemes mainly serve for directing or aiming the motion of a thing or the other kinds of events indicated by consonant phonemes within the word. Their meaning-forming duties and features are as followings: А /a/ ¾ 1) indicates features implying volume, capacity, empty space or space full of matter, […]

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