Los viajes de Américo Vespucio a los países mediterráneos I Part

I Part – “Los viajeros europeos aspiran al descubrimiento del mundo”   Ya al fin del siglo XV Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli (1397-1484) se consideraba un científico bastante famoso y tenía fama afueras de los Apeninos. No es extraño que los capitanes, navegantes se aconsejaban con él ántes de iniciar sus navegaciones distantes.Colón también hizo prácticas al lado de Toscanelli […]

The Low of Timeless – Untimeliness…

As far as we consider all States, all Consequences, all Structures, all Speeds and Motions, we see that they are in Unstoppable, Interminable Condition! And there have to be reasons of such a structure of all these! But what are and where are the reasons? Referring on astronomy and astrophysics, Astronomy science has such a conclusion that the Universe exists […]

Los viajeros europeos aspiran al descubrimiento del mundo – I Part

Desde muy antíguo los humanos con el fin de ocupar nuevos  territorios empezaron a descubrirlos empleando los métodos primitivos y prosiguieron este  proceso a través de los siglos. Los astrónomos, geógrafos, cartógrafos, viajeros, investigadores y historiadores haciendo todo lo posible habían realizado las investigaciones con objeto de enterarse de la estructura de la Tierra. Aunque se sabían tres continentes, sus […]


Addendum Fikrat RZAYEV, Vahid RZAYEV DIVINE THEORY ON CREATION OF LANGUAGE “One of those who acquainted with manuscript of this book was Afat Gurbanov, peofessor of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University named after Nasiraddin Tusi, Head at the ”General Linguistics” Department, real member of the NASA. By his advice, we added to the end of this book the chapter called […]

Salvation and Territory with Excellency Noah

In the historical sources Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan situated between the east and the west took unique place in the works of many historians and annalists. Nakhchivan situated between the east and the west was renowned, become famous and attracted attention both with its territory and historical stages and its historical figures. Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan territory lingered in minds and in […]

Noah`s deluge in our classic poetry

SUMMARY Reflection of the legend about Noah and Noah’s Deluge, being the subject for discussions during a long time in classic poetry of Azerbaijan is stated in the article with concrete facts. There attract attention analyses conducted basing on creative works of the men of genius, such as Nizami, Fuzuli, Nasimi, Shah Ismayil Khatai, Seyid Azim Shirvani and Abbasgulu-agha Bakhikhanov. […]

Nakchivanian painters` activities in the first half of the XX century

The article has been devoted to the Nakhchivanian painters Bahruz Kangarly`s, Huseyn Aliyev`s, Shamil Gaziyev`s, Mammad Gasimov`s activities who lived in Nakhchivan in the first half of the XX century. The same the aut-hor dealt with the Nakhchivanian paintersAyyub Huseynov`s, Ayyub Fatali-yev`s, Jamil Mufitzada`s, Ibrahim Safi`s and Akbar Kazimbayov`s activities who was born and grown up in Azerbaijan but busy […]


Dear Readers! In consideration of interest of our English-speaking readers in our website and other existing technical problems we are going to implement the following works within the next period: – creation of new English version of our website in addition to the present variant in Azerbaijan language (in Latin and Cyrillic alphabets); – edition of the programming code of […]

El ¨tercer¨ viaje de Américo Vespucio

El contable florentino durante su ¨tercer¨viaje había descubierto ¨las costas del Nuevo Mundo¨ ante sus contemporáneos. Tendré que presentar un breve crónica de este viaje. Vespucio que se puso al servicio de los portugueses en 1501 se invitó a la expedición de Gonzalez Cuelho como un navegador. Según la instrucción los resultados de la expedición exploradora en Brasil tendría que […]

Regioselective opening of epoxide ring with primary amines in H2O medium

Vaqif. M. Abbasovb , Avtandil H. Talybova,b, Yusif A. Abdullayeva,b,Cavanshir.S.Salmanova, Aytan.S.Yunusovaa,b, Isa A.Valiyeva,b aDepartment of Chemical Engineering, Qafqaz University, Baku, Azerbaijan. bMamedaliev Institute of Petrochemical Processes, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan. Abstract: Aminoalcohols  have been synthesised based on the primary amines and epichlorohydrin. As a result of polar solvent (water) in the mild condition, regioselective opening of […]

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