Gamigaya (rock-ship) monuments are ancient cultural and art treasures of Azerbaijan       Petroglyphs in different areas of the world are of rare monuments which have great importance as historical sources and always attract investigators of archeology, art studies, etnography, linguistics, folklore studies, zoology and other branches of science. Such monuments, considered to be the mysterious stone chronicles of our modern […]

Research of Gamigaya Paintings

Gamigaya in Azerbaijan Historiography Gamigaya situated in the territory of Ordubad region of the Lesser Caucasus Range, is one of the greatest monuments of Azerbaijan. This monument is the marvel of our history. It is the museum of rock paintings under the open sky after Gobustan in Azerbaijan. More than two thousands of rock paintings have been registered here. Rock […]

Davud Pashayev Huseyn

Davud Pashayev Huseyn was born in 1940 in Ostashevo, Moscow oblast, Russia. He was a first-rate business leader in RF and organizer of the atomic shipbuilding. He is a Hero of Russia.   In 1963 Pashayev graduated from the Ural Polytechnic Institute. He was one of the first graduates of the Energy Department of this higher school on the specialty […]

Alishir Alifov Ali

Alishir Alifov Ali was born in 19.08.1948 in Jafarli village of Gazakh region, Azerbaijan SSR in the family of intellectual medics.   Being 5 years old he could read and write proficiently. As a result, he was admitted in school earlier violating age normative – in January, 1954. After it, his parents took him away to Tbilisi, where he was […]

Rafil Rzayev Aliagha

Rafil Rzayev Aliagha was born on April 26, 1937 in Gizilaghaj village of Salyan region, Azerbaijan. He is principal research officer of the Institute of Physics of High Technologies (IPHT) (Protvino city, Moscow oblast, Russia), Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.   Rafil Rzayev graduated from secondary school No 3 of Salyan region of Azerbaijan with gold medal in 1954 and […]

Music World of Phonemes

The ancient Nakhchivan which is considered to be the starting point of the modern civilization in the world, and known as the territory where the Prophet Noah had settled, during centuries has granted to Azerbaijan and the world hundreds of well-known thinker-scientists, architects, men of science and culture, ashug masters, singers, writers and poets, eminent political and state figures. This […]

Some words about “Molla Nasreddin” journal and teaching problems

The first number of Molla Nasreddin journal was published in 1906, April 7 in Tbilisi. It has been issued in 1906 – 1918 in Tbilisi, in 1921 in Tabriz, in 1922 – 1931 in Baki. The editor and author was Jalil Mammedguluzadeh. Entering the living sphere and being led by the open minded intellectualist as J.Mammedguluzadeh rejoiced the liberty friends […]

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