Some words about “Molla Nasreddin” journal and teaching problems

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The first number of Molla Nasreddin journal was published in 1906, April 7 in Tbilisi. It has been issued in 1906 – 1918 in Tbilisi, in 1921 in Tabriz, in 1922 – 1931 in Baki. The editor and author was Jalil Mammedguluzadeh. Entering the living sphere and being led by the open minded intellectualist as J.Mammedguluzadeh rejoiced the liberty friends heartly.

Omer Faik Nemanzadeh, Mirze Alekber Sabir, Abdurrakhim bey Hagverdiyev, Ali Nazmi, Aligulu Gamkusar, Mehmet Sait Ordubadi, Mirzali Mojuz Shabustariand and other poets and writers, including journalists as Oskar Shmerling, I.Rotter, Azim Azimzadeh got into the act in the journal.

The most modern revolutionary problems of Molla Nasreddin period were occupied along with the troubles of the Azerbaijan people, which had been continued for thousands years. The religious fanaticism was more serious than the other troubles. The importance of Nasreddin Hoja’s historical struggle elucidated the disformities of XX century Azerbaijan life to the people comedically. Spreading to the countries as Turkey, Iran, Egypt, India, Fas the journal influenced the peoples’ social and civil development positively.


Key words:Jalil Mammedguluzadeh, Molla Nasreddin, literaryschool, education

Prof. Rufat Latif oglu Huseynzadeh

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