Alishir Alifov Ali

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Alishir Alifov Ali was born in 19.08.1948 in Jafarli village of Gazakh region, Azerbaijan SSR in the family of intellectual medics.


Being 5 years old he could read and write proficiently. As a result, he was admitted in school earlier violating age normative – in January, 1954. After it, his parents took him away to Tbilisi, where he was admitted at the 2nd class of the secondary school No 73, that he graduated with full marks in 1965, and entered in mechanics department of the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute, and his family moved to Baku in this connection.


Distinguished teacher of Georgia SSR, a chemistry teacher I.Manafli having observed talent of his student to solve chemistry problems very easily, foretold him “bright future”. By the way, his photo hanged on the wall of the school for more than 5 years after he graduated. But he did not become a chemical, but became keen on technique, especially automobiles. Being at the 6-7th classes he developed the project of an automobile construction (its drawings are still remaining). But when he wanted to install motor his father did not render him material support being scared of the boy could hurt himself while driving.


Besides Alishir was engaged in arts, chess (once he won a candidate for sports master at the city competitions), tennis and swimming, played roles at dramatic circle. He loves music very much, especially Azerbaijan mughams that he had studied for his own. А.Аlifov wanted to publish his book of poems and tales in 1974-1975, but he could not because of moving to Moscow for graduate studies. He says that sound, especially, a singer’s voice has color, his ideal is beauty, harmony and order in everything, apparently, it is also result of  the Nature principle revealed by him, that we will be talking about below.


Alishir Alifov while studying in the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute started engaging in scientific work, published an article in scientific press, spoke regularly at the conferences of students-technical society. In the 3rd course he made report in the department of theoretical mechanics of the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute, which was highly estimated by authorities (by prof. I.M.Babakov and others). In 1970 he was recognized the best student of the institute and got letter of commendation signed by M.G.Kalantarov, the secretary of the comsomol committee of that higher school. He was more than once awarded with letters of commendation and gratitude, was engaged in social work, was deputy chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the institute and group monitor.


Being Lenin scholar he graduated from institute in 1971 with honor diploma, and state examination commission recommended him for entering in graduate course (but after graduating from institute he was called for military service).


His graduate work was dedicated to automation of workplace in tractors factory in Volgograd, where he past his pregraduation practice. He had to process about 150 pc. details weighting 25 kg on lathe during his shift. By the end of the shift he was tired so much that decided to choose theme of automation of this section as his graduate work, and as a result, he invented “mechanic hand”, and diploma was put out at all-USSR exhibition.


Having served 2 years as an officer, – firstly in Nakhchivan, and then in Ganja, Аlishir started working in the department of theoretical mechanics of the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute. А.Аlifov while working in the department of API prepared and published scientific articles. Some professors, as well as rector, offered him to be their graduate student. But he refused and entered in 1975 in full-time graduate course of machine science institute named afterА.А.Blagonravov (IMASh) in Moscow city.


Scientific adviser – academician K.V.Frolov proposed him 3 subjects: theoretical, experimental and something average, having advised to choose experimental one, as the former required strong knowledge of mathematics and theory of vibrations. But the postgraduate, on the contrary, chose the former and almost after 1,5 months two articles ready for publication were on the table of the scientific adviser.


He defended ahead of time candidate dissertation, was kept for work in the institute by initiative of his adviser who had become director of the institute.

Since then he works in that institute, and at present holds position of chief scientific worker of the institute, at the same time deputy manager of the department.


In 1985 he presented for defense the dissertation for which he was conferred the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences. It was defended by advice of elders just after the fact that in 1985 there was published the monography which was presented for print in 1980 and included materials of both dissertations. Approximately half year after publication of the book there was already concluded contract for its publication in the USA, where it was published in 1990. The book has high citing index, and though it is dedicated to research of mechanical systems, a number of results have so total character that even specialists dealing with other systems (climatology and etc.) cite on that book.


А.Аlifov wrote and published very important works on cosmic, aviation and special themes, there was carried out scientific management of graduates, the first of which successfully defended in 1987. The end of 80s was marked for А.Аlifov by series of versatile works of great national-economical significance, implemented by him in accordance with directions of the higher leading bodies of the USSR and presidium of SA of the USSR.


Once, after his positive estimation of some works about mountain machines, one of the highest leaders of the USSR (member of Political bureau) made a trip to a foreign country and having returned gave instruction about their production; by negative estimation of А.А.Alifov there was stopped work on the equipment for which many millions strong soviet rubes had been spent; on atom electric station he successfully executed an experiment and revealed the reason which did not allow to leave on project force.


А.Аlifov is the author of a number of monographies, a number of scientific articles and inventions. Four inventions were prepared really. The president of a large-scale foreign company with 40 million dollars annual turnover producing machines for making packages got interested in one of those inventions – complex machine-automate for production of packages, after seeing it at the exhibition in the beginning of 90s, and proposed him collaboration.


He was awarded with the EANE medal (the Exhibition of Achievements of  National Economy) of the USSR, the prize at the competition of young scientists and letters of commendation, he participated with reports at many international, all-USSR, Russian scientific forums (after his report in 1982 at the international conference on nonlinear vibrations Japan specialists participating there told him that they will use his works at calculation of batteries for watches).


During some years he was out-of-staff worker of the abstract journal “Mekhanika” (“Mechanics”) as a translator of scientific publications in Germany. In his youth he was deputy chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists, at present time he is a member of the Scientists Council of the Engineering Science Institute of RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) and its department section, of a number of Commissions of direction of the institute. He was an opponent of many dissertations and assisted others at defense.


As far back as in 1985-1986 А.Аlifov developed principally new theory on physical-mathematical basis, called by him common theory of matter (CT). But the first publication of the work occurred just in 2002. It was connected firstly with the fact that consequences from the CT contradicted to dogmas of the USSR, and then – with hard restructuring years (he had to leave science for long period at his most fruitful age and go into business so that to maintain his family). For this reason priority time of publication was lost for 16-17 years. Courage for publication of the first article was taken by academician of the NAS of Azerbaijan, well-known physicist Magsud Aliyev and his colleagues from different sciences.


The story of occurrence of the CT is interesting. It arose from the author’s aspiration for finding an answer to the question “Why is matter inclined to vibrations so much?”, which had been put by a number of well-known specialists in different forums, who had mentioned about large prevalence of vibration phenomena in the Nature (light, sound, hydrodynamic and seismic phenomena, motions of celestial bodies, biological phenomena, social-political-economical processes and etc.).


Common answer for this question did not follow from existing scientific views, which just stated existence of the fact of vibration processes at concrete observations and experiments, trying to explain them on the basis of concrete models. It was required to find deep common scientific substantiation of this fundamental phenomena of the Nature on the basis of physical-mathematical approach. Nonstandard thinking, extraordinary approach is needed for a fundamental new theory. Just such approach is put on the basis of the CT by А.Аlifov.


Formulation of the common rule or principle being applicable for description of any systems of matter was ideal of the all scientists ever. Effort of a number of physicists in the world at present time are directed on creation of a common theory of fundamental interactions (powers) in the Nature, called “the common theory”, “the theory of great integration”, “the theory of all”, and etc., that have compilation character. The main pretender for this role is the theory of super-strings that includes gravitation and quantum mechanics based on experiments. By a number of results, for example, in electrodynamics, quantum physics and astrophysics, either do not have explanation, or their existing explanations are paradoxical at deep analysis, bring to absurdity, logical contradictions. A.Alifov’s books dedicated to the CT contain some critical analysis of the views existing in physics.


The CT is non-compilative and fundamentally differs from compilative theories, allows understanding deeply fundamentals of the established private theories. It describes the processes of both vibration and non-vibration character not depending on the level (micro, macro, mega) of organization of matter. Concerned mechanism of organization of the Universe (matter) is based on conception of its instantaneous dynamic state (IDS), allow to consider the laws of the Nature from single positions, to explain phenomena of stagnant and alive world. At definite conditions fundamental principles and conceptions of physics follow directly from that theory: laws of conservation of energy, impulse, impulse moment and etc., “power”, “energy”, “mass” and other concepts, gaining different content.


In the CT large enough number of other concepts at case of inanimate (“atom”, “molecule”, “substance” and etc.) and alive (“brain”, “intellect”, “mind”, “thinking”, “heredity” and etc.) matter. The CT allows to look at the Universe otherwise, to state its vibration-wave organization with self-excitation and self-management, called by the author the Principle of Auto-Vibration of the Universe (matter), to describe and interpret all Nature phenomena by a common law – management of the IDS.


It turned out that any complex system consisting of great number of elements, the most complex of which is the Universe, may exist just in vibration mode. It was found out that, the features of matter reflected by equations of mechanics, electrodynamics, optics, thermodynamics, quantum physics, can be reflected by the equations of IDS not depending on its scale (micro, macro, mega) and complexity of the organization, it is impossible in essence to predict (calculate) any process exactly. It was got from physically substantiated so-called IDS function of matter elements, introduced in science for the first time.


According to the CT, fundamental features of the matter forming the bulk of its structuring, transformation and existence, are conditioned by interaction of its parts at IDS of vibration, synchronism / desynchronism, stability/ instability. Synchronism and stability set up Order (Harmony) in the Nature, instability and desynchronism destroy, change it quantitatively and qualitatively.


Conception about vibratory feature of matter is confirmed by great number of real phenomena observed in all kinds of systems: physical, technical, chemical, biological, social, economical, political and etc. Such feature of matter is observed almost everywhere in natural conditions and laboratory experiments, and is its attribute.


The CT was generalized by А.Аlifov from point of view of philosophy and allows understanding many of its problems. Vibrations, as definite physical mechanism of motion, give physical basis to “The Low of Unity and Conflict of Contradictions” known in philosophy of dialectic materialism, according to which motion is self-motion. This low expresses essence of dialectics, and is its “core”.


Vibratory motion of matter is physical basis for another low of this philosophy as well (“The Low of Negation of Negation”), and phenomenon of bifurcation, leap, being characteristic for nonlinear systems, expresses its “Low of Transfer of Quantity into Quality”. All these three lows are the major lows of dialectics.


Vibratory principle of motion conforms to its “certainty and uncertainty”, “necessity and accident” and other categories.

The matter making vibrations – vibratory system has very important feature: bears its time scale that is defined by its own period or frequency (number of vibrations), i.e. own parameters of matter. This scale characterizes features of interaction between vibratory systems – part of matter, allows determining time unit (standard) that is one of important concepts of physic and philosophy.


On the fundament of features of interaction lays relation of vibratory parameters of part of matter. Motion with huge period of vibrations may seem to observer as monotonous motion because of trifling small observation time, in comparison with this period; and the motion with trifling small period – as silence, constancy, continuity.


Results of the CT have been reported in many international scientific forums and stated in three monographies of А.Аlifov, widely presented by a number of different sites in the Internet, and edition of the next one was planned in 2010.


At one of the conferences in 2008 after the report that continued for an hour, participants of the conference asked him to speak again, that was evidence оf great interest for the CT. And after speaking at international congress on biology in 2009 a scientific-biologist (academician, professor) and his colleague from abroad engaged in problems of rejuvenation and prolonging of human life, came up to him expressing their intention to use the way of solution of the problem by means of results of A.Alifov. They proposed him collaboration, invited to their country, and there took place the travel, discussion of works and further actions on the way of solution of the problem being of extreme interest for all mankind on the Earth.


From the book “The Sons of the Land of Fire in the History of Russia” by Ramin Mammadov. Baki, “Ziya”, 2011, p. 108


Translated by Kamala Amiraslanova

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