A book about phonetics

   The “Word. Word Construction. Mistery of Word” book by Fikrat Hasan oglu Rzayev (1936-2013) was republished by “AqRa” PCSDS by financial support of the Council of State Support to Non-State Organizations under the President of Azerbaijan Republic.     Some articles in the book were translated into three languages: English, German and Russian, and were inserted in the book.     […]

Mapas de Almirante Pirí Reís, Paolo Toscanelli y Martin Waldzemüller – I Part

Enmis observaciones anterioreshe definido que el navegante genovés antes de realizar su primer viaje trasatlántico ya disponía el mapa en el que habían trazados los contornos del territorio de una tierra enorme situada en el oeste de Atlántico. Precisamente mediante este mapa había compuesto el proyecto que les presentaría a los Reyes Católicos. Investigar la raiz del mapa misterioso de […]


It is a great happiness to know your own history. Each page of the history of our culture is rousing an interest. Turning over these pages the big way of life that our great grandfathers have passed is being revived in front our eyes. While learning our history, culture, our memories become strong and more increases our love. We mustn’t […]

The Rule of Need

If to look around attentively, to look at conditions, the all conditions are in connection with each other! It is impossible to function on the earth witout Quantum physics, Quantum mechanics! Considering Quantum physics, quantum condition and Quantums conception, these are the “Rule of Need”, and Quantum is its internal state! Just like all condition are in need of each […]

“NUH’s Arc and the Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet” “Summary”

A few days ago was republished the book of the famous Azerbaijani scientist Azhdar Farzali (1937-2011) “NUH’s Arc and the Gamigaya-Gobustan alphabet”. We will note that, the author for the first time discovered the Alphabet of ancient Azerbaijan on Nakhchivan’s rocks, in Gobustan near Baku, other archaeological monuments, and on carpets of Azerbaijan. The image of NUH’s Arc in Gamigaya […]

“The Travel Book” by Johann Schiltberger as the source on history and geography of the Nakhchivan region of Azerbaijan

One of the sources giving interesting information on historical geography of the Nakhchivan region in the Middle Ages is “Reisebuch” or “The Travel Book” by German military man and traveler Johann Schiltberger, devoted to his travel through Europe, Asia and Africa from 1394 to 1427. J.Schiltberger, who visited many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa – Hungary, Bulgaria, Wallachia, Moldavia, […]


There was such a Doctrine of Sufis, “Imagine, but do not Image!”. That is: How can you Image the thing that you cannot Imagine? Realize! How can you Interpret the thing that you cannot Realize?” The Universe is a Mystery! How can you Interpret the Universe, that Mystery, not Realizing the Universe? How can you Explain God’s Sayings, “His” Mysteries […]

Los viajes de Américo Vespucio a los países mediterráneos I Part

I Part – “Los viajeros europeos aspiran al descubrimiento del mundo”   Ya al fin del siglo XV Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli (1397-1484) se consideraba un científico bastante famoso y tenía fama afueras de los Apeninos. No es extraño que los capitanes, navegantes se aconsejaban con él ántes de iniciar sus navegaciones distantes.Colón también hizo prácticas al lado de Toscanelli […]

The Low of Timeless – Untimeliness…

As far as we consider all States, all Consequences, all Structures, all Speeds and Motions, we see that they are in Unstoppable, Interminable Condition! And there have to be reasons of such a structure of all these! But what are and where are the reasons? Referring on astronomy and astrophysics, Astronomy science has such a conclusion that the Universe exists […]

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