They Separate from Each Other, Separate from Existence to Exist Again…

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All Creatures separate from each other!
They be created and separate,
They create and separate,
Separate with creation,
Separate to create!
And they separate from each other!
But being separated they do not disappear!

They do not move away from each other!
Everything stays around its Prime!
It cannot move away from “It”, does not be far from “It”!
It does not be its repeat!
Separated one becomes like itself, becomes Itself!
There is nothing that does not separate?
How it would not separate?
Every separated one Itself becomes a Creator!
Because, It does not disappear!
They cannot disappear, as “It”, Prime Itself, being Eternal cannot Disappear!
Created, Creating, Creation, going to be Created cannot Disappear from Absence, but can Exist from Existence!

Vahid Rzayev.

The texts were republished in English by “AqRa” PASAS by financial support of the Council of State Support to Non-State Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Translated by Amiraslanova Kamala Ahad gizi

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