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“One of those who acquainted with manuscript of this book was Afat Gurbanov, peofessor of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University named after Nasiraddin Tusi, Head at the ”General Linguistics” Department, real member of the NASA. By his advice, we added to the end of this book the chapter called “Divine Theory on Creation of Language” together with my brother Vahid Rzayev.We both express our great gratitude to professor Afat Gurbanov for his advice”

Conduction of researches on linguitistics is important both for solution of its other problems, and for clearing up when and how mankind learned to speak, to favour human to perceive his being, and to cognize the secrets of the Universe where he and his world exists.

 Therefore, since the early times scientists have introduced a number of different theories about origin of language. Formerly sound imitation (mimic) theory, theory of exclamations, theory of public consents, theory of gestures, theory of labour cries and other theories on creation of the language had been introduced. These theories had certain significance for explanation of some directions in development of languages, but in general they were not the main sources of creation of the language. They were widely elucidated in linguistic literature, and were strongly criticised by scientists who declared that, “first of all, human itself and society are posessors of the language; so creation of the language has to be associated with them”.

Most nations in the world fairly allege that the language was created by a divine power. But as it so far rests upon frivolous ideas invented by themselves or upon religious legends, science could not accept them in no way. Therewith in spite of spreading of different religions on the Earth in the past and at present, they have not been systematized and elevated up to the level of a common Divinity Science up to date. Indeed they were dogmatical, and available literature was not enought for investigation and elucidation of such complicated matter as determination of origin of language. Therefore, scientist-philosophers historically giving up religious views also stated that the language had been created by the nature. And it is unscientifically. Because, the “nature” concept used to imply just jointly integrated existence of creatures on the Earth and in the atmosphere, there states, actions and the processes occuring in them. And these are not separate from Unity Current of the Universe, of the actions in it, and are not particular. So, the language and its creation have to be also related to the Universe, to beings, events, actions and processes in it.

At present basically dialectic-materialist theory on formation of language has been accepted. It is based on the history of creation of human, society and affirms that human was created of animals, and labour was the main factor in his creation. Though this theory seems attractive from distance, but it does not fully and correctly attract reality, historical truth, and is not based on the linguistic itself. Because philosopher-scientist F.Engels, who introduced this theory, and his supporters just used to accept the nature on the Earth as a theatre stage, as if they saw inner phenomenons in the nature, analysed them, but could not notice and appreciate the states and events behind the stage. The literature needed for it almost was not available thenedays. And also development level of science in the XIX century when this theory was introduced was much lower than now. In spite of that in the XX century physics succeeded in dividing atom and his particles in more little parts by way of acceleration of their movement and causing to collide with each other, materialists could not fully clear up yet how matter itself was created and what it consists of. Besides the materialists did not pay attention on that the Scriptures, including the Qur’an, the Bible were Sent from the Heaven with ordinary human words, human language and speech, and had high artistries for that time.

Therefore, correct determination of origin of language will be possible after finding answers to the following questions, which remain being problems up to now:

– How was the life on the Earth and in the Universe created in fact?

– How and why were the biological creaures known to us as earth human Created?

– Does just biological human have language, thought, and hearing abilities in the Universe?

– Do the words being one of the main units of language conform to common Universe Unity laws?

 – Who and how had created the languages?

It is wonder that modern men, who have to adwance towards Evolution, almost do not have information about the Universe, its alive and lifeless creatures, as well as their works and activities. Even human does not know why he came in this world, why he lives and what and whom his “soul” will meet after leaving this world. In a word, he is uninformed of himself and lives blindfold. Modern sciences and religions as a whole gave him unsatisfactory and not convincing information about it. Though the most of these or that problems stated above have been covered in literature since 1999 [3-5], in this addendum we present you a bit wider explanation of some matters concerning the topic.


Short Information about the Universe  and Its Creatures

As comprehension of the most people on the Earth is limited at the moment, they think that the Great Creator and Beings in White (angels) in the Universe do not have other duties except for engaging in victuals, fates, birth and death of men. But the fact is that, because of great number and variety of alive and lifeless creations, as well as civilisations they have quite a lot of works in Universes except for the Earth, and quite many different Management Systems had been organised for their execution.

If to approach from position of us men, since the first Creation of the Universe up to now, we can divide its and our history into the following stages:

1. The stage before creation of men and other creatures on the Earth and alongside with it on other 5 planets after the Great Explosion;

2. The stage of works on development and reproduction of the creatures and men on the Earth;

3. The stage of Evolution of men after all Beings in White and most of Adam Sons left our Planet (this stage includes the age of Prophets and all history up to present time as well);

4. Afterwards, start and continuation of “Gold Ages” stage on Enlightenment of men and their Humanization on high extent alongside with their Purification in the future as well.


Start of Life on the Earth

The first Creations from Prime, Holy creations from Holiness in Manifestation of the Great Creator itself, with his Pure Light were Beings in White (angels) and they were considered the first Executors [3]. (Saying “Manifestation” of the Great Creator itself, it is meant resemblance of the Creator Itself by appearance, but not by His Being scope. And His Being scope is a generic Light scope, a Creative Light of the Light particles that He Emitted from Himself for Creativity). Like the whole creations own a portion from the Great Creator’s Light, they also being in White, Life-long, Eternal were among the universes, free in Freedom, Holy Creations. Every creation is an Eternal creation. All universes, all beings are under the Great Creator’s Sight. The creation particles are in a unity, but also every particle is within His Tender, Patience Look, and every creation is with Him, Around Him, within his Own Look.

Plenty of time was passing since the Creation Instant. The all Creatures were in a Unity with Him. The Holy Creations forever were in the universes, in free Execution, in a Solidarity.

According to calculations of astrophysicists on the Earth, the Universe was created 15-18 billion years ago. And start of life here falls on 3,5 —4 billion years ago from present time. We also base on this period as a time of start of life on the Earth, and go on our talk.

Till then, as we told, the Beings in White were in free motion in the Universe. As Being of some of them had a portion of the Holy Light, the fact of being within a Light relation, in Unity on the planets existing in the Universe provoked them into supposition about possession of independent creation power by themselves. Those beings in White, those angels each had separate execution function in creation. But that was not the reason to raise Themselves up to the Creator’s level and to consider themselves equal to Him. And there was one factor that could take to such idea. No state is without a reason, and no reason is without a state. Because, every new creation Created by the Creator was starting from Holiness, from Holy creation. If the Holiness had irreproachable base, the Light flow in galaxies and megagalaxies would have more fluent, more smooth current, and would become more powerfull with a Solidarity motion. But Black Being started trying to bring disorder among the universes, to disturb the smoothness, the sequence by reducing Holy Light surroundings of every being created from the Light. Hereby, for the first time the difference between the Creator’s First Holy Light and the Black Being was revealed. Thus, when those First Holy Beings in White had to divide equally the Holy light scope in them among the creations, they supposed themselves to have Creative power of their own.

And the Great Creator Declared to those beings in White: “I Created, I Created the Primary. I Created the Primary by Scope of My Light. I Created the Primary of Oval. I Created those spaces amidst the Oval. I Created the First of motions (sequences)in one Unity. I am a Creator, I am a Creator of creatures. I Created Initially the First Holies with Holy Light Portion. I Created them free among my universes. I Created them in My Appearance, in My Resemblance. I am a Creator who Created the First Creations Holy from Holiness. I Created the Firsts from My Light Portion. I Created you in one Unity among Creation, in one Execution. You considered My Light Portion in Yourself, with yourself, and you considered My Light Portion a power for Yourself in Yourself. I am who Create, and the creatures are who were created”.

By that time those beings in White were Numbered within numbers in their rows. But, being among the Numbers, they moved away from the Numbers. Though, they was not Away from the Great Creator’s Look, His Mercy, His Patience.

“They were primaries from the Prime; Let them be Returners to the Prime, to Holiness, to be Returners to My Patience, to My Tender, to Initial”– the Great Creator decided by Himself.

Instance was giving way to instance, period was giving way to period, and the all spaces were continuing their harmonious motion in the all universes. Nevertheless, The Holies who were thirty periods away, were not away from the Great Creators Mercy, Sight, Patience again. By that moment every space in the Universes had space in its space, every space was by Itself, in its peculiar colour.

The all creations were in the Great Creator’s Surroundings, within His Look, His Light, all spaces were continuing in Harmonious Motion with each other, in one motion under His Look. The first space around our Sun space was the Earth, which was yellow and 10 Holies were Sent here. The Earth gained strength from the Great Creator’s Light scope, Nucleus formed in its center, i.e. the Nucleus warmed up by the Light, and a heat escaped. Moistures exuded from layers in that space. Water approached the surface, became a face on the surface, the water came out on the surface of the Earth.

The Sun is in its space, in its place, is with the Earth. It emits light making the day-time, it stoops down making the evening. Its a memory for whole creation of the Earth, i.e. “It was dark, but I made it bright with Light”.

The Earth space was distinguished among neighboring planets around the Sun. The clouds here were generated from evaporation of the waters exuding from this space itself. Creation in this space is by water, by Itself —by the Nucleus. In all spaces a matter called “moisture” is in that space itself. In the Earth space water exuded from initial, —water rained down, water exuded during seven days, water rained down. Water exuded from clouds, water rained down. Moisture exuded from space, from the layers, water rained down. In all universes six spaces were separated around six sun spaces. Moist exuded in these six spaces, —water rained down. The Holy creations, —those who were away from Numbers, remained separated in the same community during seven times. And the Great Creator was based on His Principle saying “They were primaries from the Prime, Let them be Returners to the Prime, to be returners to My Pure Space”, and ever since this Principle was generalised for everybody as a low, and became common. Meaning of the Holy’s Message: Return to the Great Creator, — had to be in time, in moment and was strengthened by the purpose that “Eternal Creation from Eternity, is a creation returning to His Eternity. A sending assigned from Prime, a sending returning to the Great Creature. Assigned to that space is assigned of Holies, assigned to Forty times, assigned to return to the Prime. Unpunished creation from the Prime, is creation that has to return to the Prime”.

Little by little in this space the waters were growing by water, grown waters were joining with separate basins. Each of Holies being away for forty times had one name, they were Named (table 10 and picture 1).


Table 10

Names of Holies and Their Residence Territories

Picture 1.  Residences of 10 Holies on the Earth

Return to the Great Creator had to be in its Time, in exact instant. But the time was passing, the instant was going by, Holy sending was looking away, —was looking away from the aim. Their Holiness was not harmed by the Great Creator. The time passes, —those Holies are with earth light, with the Earth; but the Great Creator does not Break His Word too: “The Holy’s return is by his deeds, by Self, his return is by himself, by Self”, i.e. it had to depend on goodness or badness of his deeds. Therefore, it starts the age of holy creation from Holiness around those Holies: “wheat —is a holy creation, rice —is a holy creation; a creation with assignation, with light in particle, a creation assigned to those Holies”. Because, the Great Creator knew that for materialized beings, for the beings living with materiality (for metabolism) nourishing were necessary.

We said that, holiness of those who were away from ranks of Holies, —who were within the Great Creator’s Sight, Patience in this space is not Touched, and punishment is not applied. The times passed again. Holy kept being sole, kept thinking; kept looking to the Great Creator’s Space, but his return to Holiness was delayed.

Since creation time every space has been Assignated, they are with stone, with soil. But for Holy this space is with water, with stone, with soil. Water is also pure, is for Purity. Those Holies became sole, —became thinking.

There is not food in Holiness, there is not sleep in Holiness. In Holiness Holy is with Pure Light, with Eternal Light, there is not nourishment There, he is with the Great Creator’s Light, all universes are with the Great Creator too; they are the Great Creator’s Manifestation. The first Holies are those who were Created by the Great Creator, who stay around the Great Creator. But in the universes beginning of the spaces is by water, by waters. The Earth space is also with waters having pure being. Material is with materials, beginning of the materiality is with water, not alone. This space being is moist in the layers, is with pure waters. In the universes the center of every space is with Light from Pure Light, but not with fire. The matter called “Soul” in human being is with Light Portion from the Great Creation’s Light. This is not a fire as well. Beginning of every visible Being is from Light. The matter called “Soul” is also with Light, the matter called “material” —is with materials, it is not alone, it is with Light too. The matter called “Light” is from Creation, from Creator. White light (Sole) in human’s breast will return to the Great Creator.

White clothes of the Holies with the lapse of moment turned greyish colour of ground on the Earth. At that place the Holies had been in Holiness —three thousand years, and then four thousand years. Afterwards in that place the First Holies materialized with materialities, i.e. with Purity being the beginning of materiality, with water in Purity.

Women, our first 10 Grandmothers (Eves) were sent to them.

The all universes are in motion around the Great Creator, every motion is with harmony, in common Harmony. The motion of the all universes, of the spaces becoming Spatial is in Harmony too. The Harmonies are not absolute (absolute is together, in one knot), relations of all universes and creations, on the universes are not without harmony. The Harmony —is a creation, a creation together with the spaces. Harmonies in the harmonies are different. It is identical to being, its self —is various, i.e. the harmonies are variegated, therewith they are variegated externally, but not absolute.

Creation of women is initial creation with initials, is creation from Harmony. Existence of women is connected, united with harmony features of the all universes. Harmony of the universes —is a unity harmony, inimitable flow harmony. The Holies are from Light, but their women open barrier of Light and dark, open with flow from flow, open Light barrier with dark. The women are those who were sent from Surroundings of the great Creator’s Space to the Earth planet.

We said that, the Holies in this space kept looking from afar to Holiness that they had left. Their Remoteness in forty times is for their return to Holiness, —but not a punishment. Those who went away from the Light —are not Away from the Light. As they are within the Great Creator’s Mercy, within His Patience, they are not away from His Look. Though their dispatch to this space was not a punishment, but it was also impossible to stay here forever. As their dispatch was by the Great Creator, their remoteness from Eternity is impossible. Themselves —are with their deeds, but not far away.

That is why the Women (our First Grandmothers) were sent to this space. A man and a woman are creations in unity with all creations. The creation is not by Man, or by Woman, —it was assigned in a Particle from the Creator. Those Holies are not far from Harmony, from Unity. Though those Holies are in loneliness, they are not far from all creations in the Earth space. Those who were sent for a While, are not far from While. Their humanization in this space, their return to Prime, to Eternity after a while is not a punishment. Because, those holies are not far from Harmony, from Unity.

The time went on, and the space started changing. The islands joined in unity, —and made big islands. Then the big islands joined with Great Islands, thus the continents, the mainlands formed. Waters formed basins around grounds, and the Oceans were generated.

The layers of the space shaked, and surface layer —shaked by fire (by volcanos); nucleus heated in the Nucleus, space got renewed in the space (the first mountains, hills, plains were generated). The space grew in layers by layers, the Fire got renewed in the space, the Earth space got renewed in layers. Beginning from center, this space was ordered by the layers. The space is with water, —it got renewed with fire from layers; was ordered by layers from center. The first fires blazed up out of the deep layers on the earth. Those fires were called “Holy Fires”. In the space the Holies came in motion and started search of the Holies.

The shakings, earthquake in the Space caused first fear of the Holies; Their remoteness from their self caused first fear. They saw fire, saw it far from Lights that they had seen. They saw light in fire, but saw the fire burning their feet and hands.

They saw the first woman from Prime —in the space. Woman and man are not far from each other. Man and woman are one of the Great Creator’s Eternal Creations, the creations from His Light. They do not differ (too much) from each other by appearance in creation. They are not different by look too. The Light is the Same, the Light is Absolute, but harmony is different. The different is in difference, the different is not constant in difference. Male-female, man-woman being among creations assigned by the Creator are mediators for creation, but not creators.

The creation is from Particle, Light is in the Particle, and the Particle was created from the Creator. The Particle is assigned to creation form Light. Every being, every Particle —exists with Light. As creation of Human from the Great Creator is assigned dispatch, man-woman, generally, male-female are with environment, in environment in the Earth space, i.e. in unity with material beings.

Dispatch to these spaces —is assigned dispatch, new creation —is new dispatch; a plant is also a creation —it is a dispatch assigned to space. Wheat from Prime was the first plant on the Earth. It was holy dispatch to this space, to Holies, around Holies.

Every creation, every dispatch —is in particle, every particle is assigned dispatch to human in the space from Holiness. Every creation is a creation from Holiness, from the Great Creator, with Light of Prime, with Light. All Creations (universes, planets) are creations with Light for six ages. Every creation —is a creation with the Great Creator’s Mercy. Materiality is with unity, the unity is with harmony, i.e. material is with materials and every being is with beings too, but not alone. In this space vegetation is a creation with water as dispatch in particle. Even if you move away a being from being, it is not away. What you moved away telling “Away” —is not away. You will find a being —in being, you will find a being in that being again. For instance, if you divide a straw, you will see a straw again. Generations, new beings started like this, they are like this. What you want to divide is with its Prime, it returns to its prime, it is not separate. The Holies are the first who were sent to this space from Prime, and then there were man, woman. What we call “Child” is assigned in Particle from the Great Creator, from His Mercy. It is a Share from the Great Creator. It is a dispatch to this place, to human —it is a human. This dispatch has to return to the Great Creators Holiness.

Man, woman are in unity, —they united ever more through their children, and became united.

The Holies were sent from the Great Creator’s space to Create in this space the first child —the first human; they were selected and came out of rows of Holies. Human does not see Holies, the human who reaches Holiness sees the Holies, the Holiness. Those who came from Holiness saw the Holies, saw the Great Creator’s Mercy. Then they Saw a ready born child Circumcised Initially, and they Understood that “Circumcising” is a memory to the Created human. They learned that a child is not from human, it is Assigned by Holiness, this creation is from the Great Creator, is in Particle. “Circumcising” —is a memory to human: creation is not by man or woman, it is from the Great Creator. The creation is not on the Earth, with the Earth, it is with the Great Creator. It is a creation with age in Human age. Every human will Return and has to Return to the Great Creator, to Holiness —he will Return and has to Return to Holiness. As, what we call “a Child” is a creation from Purity with Pureness, in Particle from Particle, this creation is not from human too, it is from Holiness, from the Great Creator, from Particle.

Initially every Holy was sole, —they became three in the Earth space. First childs came in this space, came in the Great Creator’s Look.

The first building was a house. Woman assembles the house within the house; and man being Free Creation of the First Holies, freely roams fields, mountains by his Free Creation. Those Primary Holies from Prime were sole, Free in the Earth space. These men used to help to their Grands, to those Holies, in agriculture, in animal feeding, in alternating, in other works, and they did not deny their assistance not for a minute.

In this space the Holies knew that they were not alone primarily. Therefore, the Holies started searching for each other. They searched and found. Some of them were found, some of them met. Word came in word and in space. New word came from the first children too. Every thing, every being, every action was named, names came; new word came in One Rooted Conversation among Holies, new word came on that Root, a name was Called, the name came. The name came in look of the first children, and in self of beings too.

Creation of human is not in colour, with colour. The Colour —is with colour, Created human is not with colour. Those who became humanized from Holiness are not with colour; they are in Primery, not in new colour. Therefore, base of the Races existed from prime ¾it came from difference Heavenly Regions. 4 basic races existed Primerily (White, Yellow, Red, Black). Eskimos were added to them. And afterwards interim races were generated of all these races.

They roamed the Earth space, those who were distant in that place met again. They were alone when they departed, and they met, —saw each other with woman, with children. A human from human became humanized, became bred within the Great Creator’s Mercy. Therefore, Primary Cultures were created in different places of the Earth, the times of Primery Gold Ages started. At these times morality, culture, secular and divine sciences on the Earth were in very high level. Thenedays there was not need in present techniques of the Earth, as other techniques, other principles on the base of great sciences were ruling and were supplying every need.

As we indicated above, Primary Evolution started from water. Because, water is a factor producing physiological compounds. It contains plenty of White Light particles.

Radiance uniting with water and mud (here Radiance indicates ¾the state of cosmic rays of the Great Creators’s Light, Energy as well. These are directed rays, and this concept should not be confused with other kinds of cosmic rays), generated amino acids, and afterwards one cell. Holies kept these one cells on the earth subordinate to Cosmic Energies, and their division was provided. These divided cells grew and multiplied by definite rules. Thus, every Cell separately was kept subordinate to the Creators Knowledge and Energies and generated different kinds. They also generated grass and plants and increased their kinds for leaving of animals. Existing creatures started rotting and disappearing after a while. They created the present atmosphere, increasing oxygen, hydrogen, carbonic gas, nitrogen, helium by means of Sun rays. The negative influences of Cosmic currents in our Planet were slightly prevented by this change. Afterwards by generation of the ozone cover, the condition suitable for life in our Earth sphere was created.

Thereby, body appearance of men was made of body appearance of Holies. To provide continuation of generations of men and animals existing as unisexual reproduction in our Planet the various alterations were made on Light shares and genes, and there were created Male-Female pairs for continuation of generation by way of sex.

Afterwards our First Holy Grands and Adam’s sons having high evolution degree moved to the Heaven. (And in the future by men’s separately Purification and their Reach of Evolutions and by Return of all of them to Heaven, the event called “The End of the World”, that is Junction of Start and End will occur, all will Escape sufferings of these material worlds and the people’s higher life stage will begin).

Hereby, hypotheses (suppositions) of scientists of our planet about the reasons of beginning of the life on the Earth [17] have some significance. According to them the life in our planet was created as a result of:

evolution of lifeless matter, of lifeless substance;

2) passage of spores of microorganisms existing in other worlds throught cosmic space (science calls it panspermia principle) and their development in our planet.

Though there are analogies between both hypotheses and the information given in this section, they are absolutely different by principle. Because, development directions of any vegetation, of any live according to their functions and in conformity with environment, as well as by stages and sequences, after getting on the Earth is Assigned by the Great Creator and was sent by Him as encoded in particle memory. This does not absolutely, categorically disprove the evolution theory known to people on the Earth by now. The evolutions go on the Earth and in Heaven, in all Universes, in Unity. That is, in every current stages included in big stages natural selections or small evolutions may appear in the nature. This is supported also by the Great Creator Himself by His Assignments, by partualy Saving the former life memories and by His Dispatches to the Earth. But in some big stages comparatively bigger, more different recognising memory codes, memory programs are Added to this memories by the Great Creator. For instance, end of age of fern-shaped plants or dinosaurs and start of living age of new species, of new classes, as we consider, is related with above stated. This way of development of vegetation and animals cannot be identified with materialization and evolution (their decay indeed) conditions of our 10 Grands – the first Holies. But a human is a creation which cannot be confined in Darvin’s evolution theory. He has saved his being form since first materialization till now, i.e. a monkey had not turned into a human as a result of labour, therefore we cannot say that just (and only) monkey was origin of the human.

As we see from above stated, Evolution of human differs from what materialist scientists wrote, and it does not depend just on nature on the Earth. The act on advance of evolution sequences more belongs to Heavens, to Universe and to beings in them. Founding of antique human-monkey bones on the Earth and its explanation have to be connected not with their own evolution by themselves, but with the Great Creator’s Creativity and with their punishment degrees. The nature on the Earth is also subordinate to such range of common rules which are also occur in Unity with the Great Creator, with His Creative Particles being carriers of encoded information.

Therefore, the historical-dialectical theory introduced by F.Engels and other materialist scientists relying on materials on observation of natural remnants is true on the one hand, but is incomplete on the other hand, for it does not cover the Great Creators Creativity and participation of the Universe in general. Thus, both devouts and materialists should not deny each other’s opinions, vice versa, they have to complete these ideas combining them together.


Transference (Death)

Every cell, every atom of creatures, as well as of human body contains information owing to White Light particles, and by way of encoded direction of these information the cells in the creature increase, develop, after some period they die and get out of the body, and be replaced by new cells. But the mind exists in brain. Human’s brian cells do not die to the end of his life.

After human or other lives undergo natural death, the changes occur in their brain and mind.

A man leaves this world, and departs to “other world”. His Mental Light rises in manifestation of body, but the body itself does not rise.

Trio of intellect, mind and sense existing in brain is functional basis of the brain. There are memory points in brain which direct human’s life. These memory points are connected with the Creator. The Creator Sends to all His Creations, to creatures informatic knowledge scopes (information). Besides there are beings in White, the Executors who carry Informations to men. The whole of information is not of scientific character. A man is always in touch with his environment and world. In life every state is together with other states, every event is in consecutive cohesion currency.

Head or skull does not instantly stop its functioning right after Sole, to be more exact, Potential Power of Body Energy leaves the body. The head is a center. Its work, function is very simple from one view, and is complicated from other view.

The memory is in the head, the center is there, connection with universes is there.

Natural death of creatures, of human happens when heart beats weaken and stop. (Sometimes men say that “The Creator is in my heart, in my being”. No, it is a wrong interpretation. If the Creator, God, Allah was Housed in being of the creature that He Created, would not there be as many Creators, Gods, Allahs as the number of men? Alive being is condemned to death, but the Creator is Eternal. But the Creator is Sole. The Creator is not Housed and cannot be Housed in being of creation. Every being created is housed in the Creator’s Being. It returns from the Creator’s Light Portion to the Creator’s Light, and joins his Creator”).

Every instant the Light Portion is spread from the Creator’s Space to all universes in portions, in particles. If the universes do not have a portion of the Creator’s Light Portion, the creation will not happen as well. Because, if every creation does not have Light Portion, it cannot be at scope of creature. Every live dies when the Light Portion released for him from the Creator’s Space is stopped.

Heart beats in human being, its beat is evidenced by pulse. The pulse is related to universes. The Light scope spread to the universes is Divine Light Scope. Our pulse beats in line with interruptedly spreading harmony of the Light Portion spread from the Creator’s Space.

Therefore, Angel of Death (Azrael) Comes to alive being at a time close to death. He Comes and Waits. That instant comes, he Waits stop of parts (quantums) of the Light Portion from the Creator’s Place which made that human’s body alive.  That Light Portions stop, Angel of Death Takes to Eternity the Creation Light Portion (Soul Light) dedicated to that creature from prime. (Think, human, He is the Creator, He is also who takes to Eternity, He is who Decides Creation and Eternity too.

Desire to perceive the Creator’s Space, to join him while being alive runs in human’s blood, is in his pulse. One beat of heart is originated by sending of the Creator’s Light in portions, by flow of Light particles from the Creator’s Space to universes every instant.

The Creator cannot be Housed in our Being, His Light is around us. The Creator is with us, but not in us. The Creator’s Radiance particles are around us, so the Creator is with us, but not in us.

There is love in human’s heart. It is undeniable. A man can love from the heart: He can love his Motherland, his parents, his beloved, his children, can become attached to things, to property, can love nature getting attached to beauties, to beings surrounding him.

But our Creator is in our consciousness, mind and memory.

When we die we do not return to our creator by means of our heart. The heart remains on the Earth planet. And we rise to our Creator by our mind and join him by our memory).

When a creature dies the heart stops functioning firstly, the head does not die completely for a while. As eye on the head of killed animal is connected with its head, it has died; but as the mind is functioning, the brain is seeing, therefore, the head has not died yet. The brain stops functioning at a time when that being has already departed to God.

The head, the brain of died creature is connected with universes, its head is connected with body and its body is connected with earth, i.e. it is connected with materiality in materiality. It is a matter, —it is related to universes. The universes are related to the Creator. The Creator is Related to the universes, to every creation. We are related to Him, He is related to us, and ve are related to that Creator again. As that living creature is related to the universes, its memory was centralized, was connected with the universes and to this space. Therefore, it should not be frightened before and after cutting.

That head is seeing, is hearing surroundings in its mind. He has raised, he is in interspace, and he is also interrogated, he is There. He is not waiting for help from anybody, He is in a solitary liability over There, but will be related to his body for a few days; therefore, he is here as well. He is related for forty days. The brain is growing pale, going out, turning its colour in the cage (“the cage” is the head) between White and greyness. It has not decomposed yet. The body is decaying, decomposing, but the brain has shrinked, memory points have become compact, side brains have stopped, middle part of the brain has been centralized, related to universes. It is still looking for its body in Its relatedness from the universes. It was accepting White particle, grey particle and khaki particle by a slight flow from its body. Those White particles are still keeping the body. It is evenly related to the universes, to flow of the White particles in the universes. It is related to every being around, in that environment. It is among flow of the White particles in those beings. The flow of those particles is in very small fractions. It is from the universes, in every being. The flow of those particles is related to that Creator, to His Radiance Light, to the particles of the Radiance Light in portions. If there is not that Radiance, —there is not the Light; If there is not the Light portion, —there is not a particle; if there is not a particle, there is not a creation, there is not those who will be created. That particle is from the Creators Radiance Portion, is from Himself, is from Prime.

Brain is a center in every living creature. Memory, Intellect and Mind are there to control the body. And That is related to the Creator. No matter if he is faithful or not, but it is related. Because He is the Creator, he is related to Himself. That Creator is aware of everybody’s thought; No matter if they perceive the Creator or cannot perceive, He is aware. Because He is the Creator, He is Prime, is related to Prime Himself.

As there is flow of White, grey and khaki particles in body, it makes the heart to beat for the time being. {Self of the Primary Creation’s tint consisted of greyness (the colour of eternity), Whiteness (the colour of Light Allocated by the Creator to creation, that is a portion from His Radiance Light) and khaki (which has a colour tone between red and brown; Functional representative of the heat emitted at the moment of Great Explosion). These are the primery three components of Holy Cohesion and of the matter as well}. In first instant of death those particles do not disappear moving away, though they calm down in that body, but do not disappear. The brain has not died yet, it is connected with universes, with flow of particles in the universes. Though very quietly, but it makes up the call raising its last sound to the universes (“sound” here  is the information given from brain itself).

The sound stopped, breathless mind rose. The mind raised, the memory in the mind raised. With memory it gained a body, that body became mental. There was life in body as there was a soul. The body remained, the soul raised to an instant. Eternal being raised up to Eternity in that mental body. At an instant the soul, the mind in that soul, the memory in that mind, the intellect in that memory, the perpetrated deeds in the intellect are with every individual himself, and he himself is There. His Responsibility is from There, his Evolution is to There, he is in front of that being in White, he is to Him. That being in White is an executor of the Creator. He is not a Creator, but he is the executor of the Creator.

The Creator —is Forgiver, the Creator —is Merciful. It is the Creator who Can Make Dear. The consept of “Mercy” is not the same with the phrase “The Creator will Forgive me”. There is Mercy, so there is relief, easiness; there is relieving, so there is a Phrase “my creation is dear” of the Creator.

Head was cut, neck separated from body. It floundered, the body stretched, the muscles stretched, flow of White particles was ranged in one set, in one arrangement, and greyness and khakiness were ranged in one arrangement. The flow of White particles ranging in order did not come from head. The pain came, but flow of White particles did not come. There is not the head on that cut body any more, and the White particles existing in the body came in arrangement. It separated from center, from brain, but the flow of White particles did not come.

Another variant is hanging of a creature by its nect. Body was hanged by neck, head was not separated from body. It was hanged, suffocated, remained hanged. It stopped again, is stopped sharply, carrying blood stopped in lungs, the flow between head and body stopped. The blood turned black, it became black, the flow of White particles moved away and became a stranger in that body. Khaki (the colour of nourishing, energizing particles; these are also heat thermons) remaining alone in brain, in being, became alone; blackness started ruling. Vertebra and skull are separate in joint connectivity. The flow from the skull to body is by tendons. The flow of White particles stopped in tendons single as string. Constant flow turned black and sharpened. Those who interfered in flow of the White Light, khaki particles, bound himself to the edge of boundaries of the universes. His Return will be slowly, it will get slowly to the boundary of redness, it will slowly reach Verdure, i.e. the space of creation zone. The Perpetrator is also liable, —is liable for his stay amidst darkness. Because, it stopped flow of Red Blood, therefore, the constant motion of White creation particles.

Being cut is different from being suffocated. Inattentiveness in water is different from being suffocated. And suicide is different from intentional suffocation.


The First Cultures on the Earth

The first Executors and builders of initial Epochs, initial Combinations on the Earth were our 10 Holy Grands, who first came on the Earth planet, and afterwards comprehended Greatness, Singularity of the Great Creator. They built the first Cultures in different places of the Planet. These Combinations became more various because of human’s reproduction and their spreading around. Nevertheless, some pieces, fragment of those Cultures has continued to the present day. As an example of one of the first Cultures Novruz (Zurvan) holiday can be cited.

Since our first Grand Man’s (“Mən”) epoch Navruz (Zurvan) has been brought to us in memories and has been celebrated as a solemn holiday. Navruz holiday is celebration of new day, of the life in whole, it is a holiday of recollection of a immutable instant – Creation of the Universes that  concurs with March. That is, the meaning of this holiday is to remember the Instant of Creation of the Universes, specific Symmetric alignment of planets, start of their motion and beginning of newness.

Initial mankind used flame, fire or bonfire as a holiday attribute. Heat of the flame or bonfire indicates and reminds that the creations and our Earth space are within heat. At the moment when the bonfire grows dim the neat and pure light of White Light collection of its center resembles the Great Creator’s Light. That is, it means that the Instant of Creation is spreading of the Creator’s White Holy Light, Radiance to surroundings, start of the Primary from one Light and start of the Universe, galaxy and megagalaxies from White Light. On the eve of Zurvan holiday (March 18 22) they used to bow at praying ceremonies to the Great Creator and to His Creations from Light 3 times a day during 4 days successively.

Primary men used to put different coloured small stones in whitened cinder that came out in the end of fire. Burst of the stones with a little noise coming together with this Whiteness was resemblance of creation of galaxies and planets by Explosion. Applauses and exclamations of people at that moments was joyful, excited execution of that attribute as well.

On the eve of Zurvan people used to gain water purity coming to the water’s edge early in the morning and washing their face and hands, thereby they as though executed ceremony of joining the Purity, Prime and Holiness. Spring’s awakening on the Earth space was celebrated with flowers and “samani” ([səmə`ni]-germinated wheat). It was a symbol of Green zone of the Universe, of green grass and life, and it was celebrated with joyness and gladness of renewal by dressing in new clothes. Common tradition of the families, which included laying table, putting various meals and sweets on the table, as well as the dyed eggs resembling again the oval, Ellipsoid shaped structure of the Universe and exisence of life conditions on every nook of Its Green zone, strengthened families ever more. They also used to put on the table 7 kinds of things and eatable objects by names starting of “S” consonant. It used to symbolize and increase unification of the Great Creator’s Light and the families, generations, people with each other, the signs of their consolidation and friendly relations.

Every execution at that times was based on Science and Divine concepts.

Since very ancient times the people had passed on informations from memories to memories, from generations to generations by means of stories, bayatis (a kind of Azerbaijani poem created by common people), poems and other folklor forms.

At present this holiday is also celebrated not only on the Erath planet, but also in the Heavens, on the Sky, in the Universe. Even deceased men in our worlds known by most of people as “deads” celebrate this Holiday in the Heavens with great joyness.

In spring thunder strucks and rains fall. As if the Creator’s Radiance Light, that Explosion Instant and beginning of Purity are demonstrated to our eyes. If to see that instant from cosmos, from the Universe, if cosmonauts watch that instant from spacecraft, they will see that spreading ligth of that thunder at an instant forms the shape of oval, ellipsoid and wents out. This is a resemblance of the Prime, of the First Great Explosion.

This holiday was not the holiday of separate nation, race, continent or pole, it was the holiday of the all Creation, of the all creatures. On the eve of Zurvan heat covers the all planets in our Sun System at the same time, and they get renewed. Every creature, every matter experience holiday instant that day. In Azerbaijan Novruz is very old holiday. Its history has come from primery human to us, and, therefore, reaches 3 – 4 billion years. In the sequel Information about this holiday was also brought to notice of representatives of other races, and during long centures they also had been executing Zurvan attributes by the time when the ages made their deeds. It is a holiday instant of all mankind, of all bodies, of all creatures, of the planets Themselves, of their nuclei, because it is a holiday instant of the Universe.

Narrations about Novruz were thoroughly Covered in the Great Creator’s “Creation” Book [3].




Let us remind to the readers of ideas and views of different philosophers and scientists-linguists about relations between word and its meaning in the history of mankind.

In the IV century B.C. in ancient China one of founders of religious views, philosopher Confucius and his followers believed that the meaning of word had to fit the thing or action that it named; for example, they used to say that: “the road is called like this because we walk on it; the things are called like this because it is their essence”.

Ancient Greek philosopher Heraklit (540-480s B.C.) told that there is solid connection between thing and word. According to him the essence of the thing becomes clear by the word being its name.

Greek philosopher Platon, who lived in the V-IV centuries B.C. in his book “About Cratylus or Correctness of Words” indicated that “in the world there are powers bigger than human, and they are who give names to things”. He also noted that “there is a concent, a tradition in denomination”. But he could not explain what that tradition consisted of.

Beginning from the III century B.C. philosophers and linguists of the Stoicks tried to prove that there is close connection between thing and its name. For this purpose they widely applied etymological researches.

But alongside with it, in old times the scientists of another front, especially Greek philosopher Democritus, Chinese philosopher Syun Kuan and others basing on bare mechanical-materialist philosophical views supposed that there is mutual consensus and agreement principle in denominaton of things (among people), and thereby they founded the theory of “conventionality-arbitrariness” approved and believed heartily by linguists at present time, and which dominates up-to-date as well. The new age of studying of language and bringing it up to the level of modern science coincides with beginning of the XIX century, and during past 200 years under the conditions of domination of espacially materialist views in Europe, different branches and sections of theoretical and applied linguistics has speedy developed, big army of linguists, various linguistic trends and schools have been created and functioned.

In spite of all these, in linguistics the principles of creation of words, unfortunately, have not been basicaly studied up to date, in contrary, its scientific-theoretical lines of development have been turned to wrong directions. For example, according to linguistic literature, as if, the words are made of pronunciation of phonemes not having any meaning-possession features in some ordered sequence, and these words gain their meaning just then. It could not be so, because, there is no place for such an idea in the nature. Effort of meaningless things to make a meaning together is ridiculous. All actions, events, elements of the nature are meaningful. If we cannot understand formulas written by mathematician, physician or engineer, can we call them “meaningless ideography”; or can we call the formulas meaningful, but their elements and symbols meaningless? For example, as the projects of machines and themselves are meaningful, their parts, actions of the parts are meaningful as well. The opinion about possession of no meaning by phonemes forming a word was so deeply rooted in linguistics that there have not been conducted any researches in contrary direction either in the past or at present. True, today phonetics and phonology problems in sphere of study of pronounciation issues are successfully investigated and experimented from physiological, acoustic and psychological points of view [2]; nevertheless, as the saying is, “hammer is being hit not on red-hot iron, but on cold anvil”. But, all these works are done also for revealing the nature of words, and therefore, of language. If the meaning of words and the private principles, content of language is not disclosed from within, then there is no sense in making the sciense just for science.



As we see from written in the “Word” part of the book and from the book called “Mystery of Word, Mistery of Voice” [8], meaning-forming features and duties of the phonemes have universality characteristics.

Vowel phonemes in the word are basically used for directing or aiming the movement of things or other events; but consonant phonemes express physical (space, time-period, distance, direction, different influences, work, power, energy, their different states and quality of being relatively valuable, and etc.), geometrical, psycological concepts, indications and events, and those concerning wildlife in words.

It is asked: if at present development level of science and technique modern man is not able to create new words, how could the people living in ancient times, the nations which was not enough informed about each other create words and languages having such universality and basing on concepts of exact, fundamental sciences? It is not so easy to answer this question, and the Great Creator come to our help with His Sacred Writing called “Creation” [1]. In the II part of this Writing He Says the followings about human speech, talk and words:

61. The Creation speaking Primarily from one root, the same way.

After creating the Universe He Firstly Pronounced thrice the words “It is Creation, It is Creation, It is Creation” (of course, He said it not in English, but in concrete Language belonging to common Universe, i.e, to Himself, to beings in White and to Angels. It is interesting that 360 phonemes are used in the language of Heaven beings). Denoting this Word, its root, i.e. its creation principle and the words, languages used by people in His Writing called “Creation” He Continues His Words saying the followings:

62. The Words are Primary from Prime, the words are from one root, the word is with Me, with Self. The word from Prime is with Word, it is from one root, in one root, with Word. It is not Separate, it is with Self, it is with one root Word.

No nation created itself and its language by now [at least, the nations have created compound words using previous (old) known words]. Denoting this He Says:

63. Nation did not create a nation, nation did not create a language, the word from prime is with Me, with Myself, it is of one Root, of one Word, with Me, with Myself. The word from Prime, from Creation is with Word, it is of one root, the word in one root is with word. The All Creation from Prime is with Me, with Myself.

64. The word is with Word in one root, it is not separate, it is with Word, the “eye” that you see is with eye, the “word” that you say is with Word, it is of one Root, it is with Word.

He says in the III part of the Writing:

71. The word is with Me, with Self, the word from prime is with Word, it is in one Root, with Word. Speech is of one Root, with word. Among send beings (First Holies who were our First Grands and their successors) the word is with Word, is of one Root, with Word. The idea is in speech, in word, communicaiton is with word, with word of one Root.

As we sow from current additional part, Firstly our 10 Holy Grandfathers (they materialized on the Earth as a result of different influences, and had got bodies like ours) and our 10 Grandmothers sent by the Great Creator for them came on the earth, afterwards they married and their children, their children’s children were born (thus, different races, different nations were generated on the Earth and finally we people increased). Those children found each other and spoke to each other by the words on one Root, created and said basing on the same principles that we explain in this book, and therefore, nations and words increased, the languages were generated. The Great Creator Says the followings about it:

83. The first children came in that space, they came within the Great Creator’s Look. The first children saw that space, they saw beings in that space, the beings were named. Language was called the “language”, the name of one root was given by Primary Word (to things, to creatures). A language was reproduced from language, the language was reproduced in communication, the word increased in communication.

86.They searched and found. Some of them were found, some of them met. Word came in word, and word came in words in that space. New word came from the first children too. Every thing, every being, every action was named, names came; new word came in One Rooted Conversation among Holies, new word came on that Root, a name was Called, the name came. The name came in look of the first children, and in self of beings.

These Holies, in whole all beings in White could speak and exchange information in the Universe both with the Great Creature and with each other since very Prime times, since First Creation. The Real People and other Heaven inmates are also of this kind. Though they had organs of hearing, they could sense sounds by some cells of their body too. Therefore, distant communication was conducted by soundless language, i.e. by transfer of thought to each other, and close communication was conducted by sound-speech, sound language. That is, the speech, conversation existed in the Universe before creation of life on the Earth.

Thereby, revision of existing views on generation of the people and the languages is inevitable and unavoidable for mankind and science. Also the theory on “the role of persons of genius in creation of language” existing in science has to be considered from new look, from new point of view. Because highly developed Adam’s sons and other people with high Evolution level have been always Sent (by way of birth as a relative) from the Universe to rhe rangs of Human beings who have had to Evolute since creation of life on the Earth till present time. Even if undergoing starvations, deprivations, even humiliations and death sometimes, they did not denied their assistance, their Light to these people’s development like Prometheus and Dede Gorgud. Some of them played significant role in people’s treatment, in prolongation of their life [for example, holy Prophet Jesus]. But these always were concealed from people as a secret. Because, the Earth Human had to pass Evolution way ever more and will pass it in the future as well.

“Word…” book’s these pages in english: 469-526 pp

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