“Discovery of Brazil” – Preface

Scientists working in the field of history of geographical discoveries carry out some important works related discovery of America and create new scientific research works in order to elucidate this topical problem. Always difference of opinion occurs between scientists of this field and every created work has special significance in the field of geography. R. Daniz has answered questions, which […]

Bulls of Popes or division of the world

Portuguese appropriated north-western coasts of Africa when Castilia was busy with the war for freedom against Arabians. As Portuguese wanted to legalize it, they asked Nicolas V, who had owned throne of Saint Peter in Vatican, to sign a decree. The bull “Dum diversas” was signed on June 18, 1452 and it was the first historical document on division of […]

Alonso Sanchez de Huelva and Christopher Columbus

Theoretically, half of Floridian peninsula, Anthills, Mexico and South America became properties of Portugal. After “Aeterna Regis” came into force, historians began to note that, America had been discovered by Portuguese seamen before 1481 and this fact had been kept secret till the convenient time. This thought was defended by all annalists of XVI century – Bartolome de las Casas, Francisco Lopez de Gomara […]

Discovery of Brazil” – The discovery full of enigmas

Most scientists, even the most famous scientists of geography, history of geographical discoveries and history accepted geographical discoveries without investigating some events concerning concrete discovery and such discoveries went down in history as “casual discoveries”. “Casual” discovery of Brazil is obvious case of it. They explained it as following: two strong currents moving towards west and northeast current existing on […]

Enigmatic America in the Atlantic Ocean

Columbus presented his transatlantic project to the king Juan II at the beginning of 1484 when lived in Portugal. But that time wasn’t convenient for the monarch of Portugal. Then the king was busy with suppressing revolt raised in the country by magnates. Besides it, he was interested in expeditions towards western coasts of Africa.   It is known that, […]

Duarte Pereira and Pope`s demarcation line

Real seaman and professional navigator must learn something at the result of previous travels. If Duarte Pereira would use Canary and North Passat currents, he could repeat van Olmen’s mistake. But it was winter in the northern hemisphere when he started his travel. It was better to use alternative currents in order to avoid hurricanes and to try not to […]

“Christopher Columbus, Nasiraddin Tusi and discovery of America”

Writing about the remarkable Azerbaijani scientist Nasiraddin Tusi, who has a great scientific heritage, is very responsible and honorable. Nasiraddin Tusi, who has a very significant place in the world encyclopedia together with well-known phenomenal scientists, is one of the most honorary personalities of our nation. It may be named precious stone of the Academy of Sciences in the East. […]

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